SuperNET | Iguana, GUI, EasyDEX Updates

Iguana Update

“I pushed a new version with a LOT of changes. I estimate about 20% of the codebase is affected. Essentially I wrote a totally independent blockchain processor for the RT blocks, and connected the backend of it to the bundles data. Then I went through all the RPC and abstracted out all places where it referred to a historical bundle and changed it to a virtualized outpoint, which could be either realtime dataset or historical dataset. Then I made all places properly use the realtime data if it was there and historical data if not.

At least that is what I tried and it appears to not crash, but this was a near non-stop coding for the last 5 days, so no guarantees of what works and doesnt. However, the new code is keeping pace with realtime blocks, updating addresses and balances and printing them out. they seem to match to the satoshi against the block explorer.

So all testing of all RPC is approved. try to cast a wide net and find any blatant problems, I am sure I must have missed some places and if you didnt understand the scope of the above, well it is a major major change, so anything that used to work might have been broken.

The lowest level blockchain calls (gettransaction, etc) and highest level wallet account RPC are untouched” – JL777

“In terms of iguana development, James seems like finished a big marathon on redoing almost 20% codebase change of iguana code itself. There were issues with implementation of how Real Time blockchain synced blocks and stored the old blocks as bundled files. I’m not so good with tech details on this change, but it’s best if someone wants to catch on such updates, best place is to follow jl777’s steemit profile ( He constantly updates iguana related statuses there.

And Kashif Ali (@kashifali) is doing amazing job with testing iguana API and helping iguana HTML GUI wallet team wherever he possibly can.

He did some testing scripts to automate the API testings, as well as updated

We also got Samir Uzunovic (@usamir) in our team, who’s doing fantastic job on various DevOps related tasks. He’s has managed to fix issues with Android, Windows and iOS builds of iguana. Having Windows builds of iguana working means we can expect the target user base for iguana products by 10x than before. So, that’s very noticeable and valuable update. I really hope future updates don’t break these builds.

Regarding EasyDEX, since James made big change to iguana code base, he closed all existing issues, and is going busy with new bugs/issues being found by team. All these can be tracked on his github repo:

@pondsea is also doing fantastic job. He’s not doing some things himself, but hired a dev to just test and verify any well known cryptocurrencies which works with iguana. It’s not a big job, neither a small job, but it needs some time investment, a little bit tech knowledge, to find relevant information abotu these supporting crypto currencies and confirm they work perfect. Thanks to him we now also got DogeCoin (DOGE), DigiByte (DGB) added to the list of confirmed and working coins like Litecoin (LTC), Syscoin (SYS), BitcoinDark (BTCD), and Bitcoin (BTC). I also see iguana also been tested with ZCash Testnetwork, so hope to have it supported too when ZCash launches.

I’m not sure if you know, but @pondsea got Bitcoin Explorer which is running using iguana at the backend. It works fine so far I have seen, and the devs he hired are hopefully working on to make it look better. More details can be found from @pondsea

There’s more good tasks happening in backend, which are still in progress. I don’t know all, but the ones I know and is good one is to make life of iguana users easier. The tasks like to make a desktop app for iguana which acts just like a wrapper for the console iguana binary that we get after compiling from source. Since the end user doesn’t know how to fiddle with the console application and it’s best to give them something click work kind of application.

The iguana HTML Wallet GUI development team is working on to make wallet GUI the way it can support the existing wallets like bitcoin-qt, bitcoindark-qt or any other similar tested and supported coins to give them a lite pretty HTML GUI, even in case if there’s no iguana service installed. SuperNET Project is offering a pretty HTML GUI to other projects who wish to have nice looking wallet GUI for their crypto coin, if not as main, then a supporting wallet GUI implantation. We hope to get good results from this point of view and contribution to crypto currency ecosystem.

As I test and progress with EasyDEX UI development, when I’ll find it works as expected I’ll inform in this #iguana channel when it’s ready for testing.” – Satinder Grewal

GUI Update

“MVP is about to get a basic wallet with minimum set of supported coins.

v0.1 is to support such cryptos as:

Bitcoin (BTC)

BitcoinDark (BTCD)

Dash (DASH)


Degecoin (DOGE)

Influx (INFX)

Litecoin (LTC)

Syscoin (SYS)

Vericoin (VRC)

as we agreed before.

And yes, basic wallet is about having dashboard with send receive function.” – Boogieman


  1. Breaking through blockers to complete wallet 0.1 with dashboard and sending function operating. Took longer than estmated.
  2. So we narrowed down 0.1 backlog to release sooner.
  3. Simplified reference currency settings for 0.1 to the badly simpliest variant
  4. Started working on Feature: Receiving coins
  5. Some conditions of Sending operations left to complete 0.1 on the GUI part and force API binding.” – Satinder Grewal

Will Iguana stake coins though? If not then I’ll have to keep using my 2014 btcd wallet. – Kitchentable

Not initial version, plus coin staking is very coin specific. However you can run iguana wallet in parallel and so for doing DEX use iguana while some staking node keeps staking.” – Jl777

Proposition to BTCfork

“I proposed to the BTCfork team that SuperNET and iguana will join. What that means is that the BTC version of ETC classic could very well use iguana as their client and iguanacore as an enhanced option. Iguana could become the default wallet people use for BTC classic.” – JL777


I will NOT support swiscoin.  – JL777

EasyDEX Update

“GUI is able to:

  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. Send
  4. Receive
  5. List multiple crypto currencies wallet widgets
  6. Show history of active coin’s address in it’s wallet widget
  7. Show converted value of crypto coin in fiat which is being sent
  8. Show total value of BTC and BTCD on Wallet Dashboard

This was the initial part that I had to do before moving on to Decentralized Exchange part, which is works like ShapeShift, but in more decentralised way.

I still found some more things to do with this basic UI tasks, like I need to complete the above as well, either before I go to make EasyDEX UI screens or may be side by side EasyDEX UI:

  1. Make settings page active for changing supported fiat currency, which if changed should reflect total value
  2. Able to take backup of selected coin or may be all active coins to a file, and if possible to prompt user to select a place on where to save the backup file
  3. List so far tested and supported crypto currencies in settings page to allow users to start that currency in full mode or basilisk mode
  4. Also code to remember these settings, which is part of all these tasks” – Satinder Grewal

Iguana Status – Debugging by Rewriting

For more information on SuperNET and the work of jl777 and his team, please refer to articles and be sure to follow the progress via SuperNET Slack or the SuperNET website.