SuperNet reveals new partnership and Money2020 results

The SuperNet team is a distributed organization that has been active since 2014 and focuses on cryptocurrency and blockchain development. The team has been able to build new and exciting technology in the blockchain realm, some of which has been released and others are still in development. 

Disruptive tech like Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work and the BarterDEX exchange have the potential to change the cryptocurrency landscape, enhancing security and privacy, among other aspects. The development-focused vision of the team has allowed it to tune and perfect these aforementioned tools, and now a new shift in strategy is bound to bring them to the wider public.

Focusing on marketing and community outreach, the SuperNet team has been attending several conferences and events in recent times. The team has also managed to secure several key partnerships along the way. Most recently, the Money2020 event allowed the organization to gain a wider recognition in FinTech space.

The Money2020 is the biggest FinTech event in Europe and it took place one month ago. Most recently, the SuperNet team has shared the results of their attendance, considering the overall experience a success. A recent Komodo newsletter reads:

“There is more progress than meets the eye and our team has made accomplishments on many fronts. We approached a broad spectrum of people and businesses with the purpose of promoting our platform. These parties were interested in Komodo Platform and SuperNET because it is an open source blockchain project. It is easy for them to utilize our infrastructure and build their real world applications.”

During the conference, the team was approached by several parties interested in using their open source technology. One company, for example, will use the Komodo Key/Value storage feature in order to store data on Komodo’s blockchain and have it protected with Bitcoin’s immutability.

There was also a wide interest in the Komodo Currencies, assetchain tokens that are pegged to the value of fiat and allow for payment providers to build and implement fiat gateways and other services.

Most noticeably, the team has also revealed a partnership with Monaize, an e-banking platform that aims to empower entrepreneurs. The two organizations have similar views and are now working on “ways to collaborate to build a modern financial infrastructure”. To learn more about, visit the official SuperNet website and read the recent newsletter.