SuperNET Tuesday Update 07/02/2017

Another week as gone by and Komodo is now gearing up for the most important update yet! The release of the GUI wallet, which has been heavily tested by the community. The distribution of the KMD coins is currently ongoing and the first batch started before schedule.

Although it has only been a week lot has happened for Komodo since our last update and today we’re here to bring you up to speed, as usual! Following a successful launch, the Komodo team is now looking ahead to complete all the features in the Iguana App. Since the launch, Komodo has been added to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and comparison websites. Users can now mine Komodo and the notary nodes are working as expected. It is, overall, an exciting time for Komodo and SuperNet!

KMD Trading

Since its launch, the Komodo coin (KMD) has been added to multiple exchanges. Users can easily buy and sell KMD on one of these exchanges:

Since Komodo started trading, the price has done well, staying above the ICO price (0.00012909 BTC) and seeing considerable volume on these three exchanges combined. See more details here. Komodo has also been added to multiple comparison websites like Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare and

KMD Mining

As many of you may know, Komodo can be mined with any computer due to the Equihash algorithm. Users can mine Komodo solo by following the instructions on this guide:

There is currently one pool available, Users can easily mine on this pool with any Equihash miner. To see more details regarding the pool, click here.

A few stats regarding mining:

– current hashrate: 355777 Sol/s

– 3 kmd per block, 60 sec blocks

– One third of the blocks has gone to the GPU miners (not notary nodes) [currently 33.85% to be exact]

Iguana development

Although the Iguana wallet has been launched, it is currently in its beta stage and undergoing several developments and tests by the GUI team. The first priority is to allow users to backup their wallet to a safe place of their choosing. The Basilisk mode is also being completed with additional features.

The team will soon focus on making the REV token available for Iguana as well, by letting users add their BTCD private keys to the wallet. Assetchain and PAX chain options will soon be added to all GUI modes. During February, the team will also work on bug fixes and GUI improvements. – Read more

How to recover lost BTCD

Yes, we know… Crypto is complicated. Too many letters, numbers and what not. We understand this perfectly and making cryptocurrencies easier is one of our primary goals! That’s why many of our users will be happy to know that if they accidentally sent BTCD to the wrong address (to the Komodo address instead of the BTCD address), they’ll be able to recover their BTCD!

How to recover BTCD that was sent to a KMD address:

1. Download the Iguana app

2. Add BTCD in Full Mode

3. Fully sync the blockchain (if it freezes, restart the app), you need to get to ‘Real Time sync mode’

4. You should see your BTCD balance

5. Send the BTCD to the correct SWAP address provided by the ICO site.

Although this option is available, there are currently some issues on Windows, but we have a dev already working on a fix. It should be possible to sync the BTCD blockchain even on Windows, but you might have to restart it a couple of times

KV Coin Article

The SuperNet team has recently published an article regarding the KV Coin. You can read it here.

“KV is basically a decentralized blockchain-based version of a key-value database (It’s like a container to store data in, with a label).” – Read more

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