SuperNET Tuesday Update 24/01/2017

Another week went by, and the SuperNet team is now getting ready for the distribution process which will take place exactly one week from now, on the 31st of January.

Another week went by and the SuperNet team is now getting ready for the distribution process which will take place exactly one week from now, on the 31st of January. Users will be able to claim their KMD tokens from the ICO platform into their Komodo wallet, which will be accessible through the Iguana desktop app, that is available for download on Github.

GUI Update

As mentioned previously, the SuperNET team has been working tirelessly to provide a fully functional wallet and decentralized exchange to the community. The vision for these projects is to be as intuitive and straightforward to use as possible while providing highly advanced functions.

The plan is to release a standalone executable that will contain all of the features and tools. However, at the moment, the Iguana Multiwallet and the EasyDEX exchange will work as separate tools. If you’re still uncertain on how these tools will work, check out the explanation the team published.

Anyone can download and test the Iguana Desktop app before the distribution takes place. The beta software is easy to install and is available for Linux, OSX, and Windows. Click here to see the latest update from EasyDEX developer Satinder Grewal.


One of the most exciting features in Komodo is its assetchains. These will allow multiple assets to be protected by the Komodo privacy and security features while providing alternative blockchain assets like fiat currencies or commodities. Thanks to this features, users will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies and their local money in a fully decentralized way via our exchange.

In light of recent developments on the NXT blockchain, the SuperNET team has decided to import its assets from the Nxt Asset Exchange into their independent blockchain using the Komodo assetchain technology.

The export process will be intuitive as it resembles the one used by SuperBTC on NXT. Investors will be able to send their asset from NXT blockchain into the Iguana wallet by using SuperNET’s MultiGateway technology.

These assets have already been issued but are yet to be distributed – Read more

Atomic Swaps & Basilisk mode

To achieve a purely decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies (and not proxy tokens), Iguana relies on the Atomic Swap process to ensure that trades go off smoothly and with no third party involved.

There are three different modes of how a coin can be run: full mode, basilisk mode, and native mode. Basilisk is the lightest version in which a coin can be added to the EasyDEX exchange, as it does not require the user to download the blockchain.

As so, to ensure that everyone has access to the same features, the team has also been working on providing atomic swaps for this mode. Although there are nine combinations of atomic swap modes (Basilisk to Full Mode, Basilisk to Basilisk, etc.), the most complicated is the Basilisk-to-basilisk swap. However, lead developer jl777 has recently conducted a successful atomic swap under this scenario, where both parties were using the Basilisk mode.

The EasyDEX exchange will not be available in the first release, as the priority has been to get the Komodo’s native wallet work first. The easy exchange GUI will come next.

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