SuperNET Tuesday Update 28/02/2017

This week, on the SuperNet Tuesday Update, we’re going to talk about the new international community project, through which we intent to make SuperNet and its related material globally available.

This week, on the SuperNet Tuesday Update, we’re going to talk about the new international community project, through which we intent to make SuperNet and its related material globally available. We are also going to address the development of the Iguana multi wallet and the delay of its latest release.

On the Komodo side, we are going to address the latest release of the Native Komodo Wallets, which are available on github.

Komodo International Community Project

In an effort to extend its outreach and to make SuperNet a truly global project, the team has launched the Komodo International Community Project. At this point, we are calling out community members from individual countries to become SuperNet ambassadors in their homelands.

The functions of the SuperNet ambassador are to translate Komodo-related content, create and manage social media accounts through which announcements can be made, and possibly to create a local language newsletter. Local ambassadors can also resort to instant message apps like Telegram or Slack to create a hub for the community.

At the moment, we have attained a Russian ambassador that goes by the nickname of @dk on the SuperNet slack. He has created a Twitter account and Telegram group for the Russian community with roughly 200 active members. There is also a Russian channel on telegran for Komodo here.

In Spain, @beor will be the local ambassador. He has created a Twitter account through which he will make announcements and answer questions.

We are currently looking for a Chinese ambassador which can perform these tasks. This is currently the only paid position for ambassadors, although community members from other countries are encouraged to contact us if they wish to lead their local community.

Iguana Update

The new Iguana version is estimated to be released this time during next week, although slight delays are always a possibility. However, GUI lead developer, Satinder Grewal is feeling optimistic about the development. He stated:

“EasyDEX-GUI team is small but very proficient. In last few weeks we have applied many performance improvements and fixed multiple bugs. In between this time we are already iterating the 4th or 5th version of the Basilisk Mode coin wallets in EasyDEX-GUI, which is quite a lot of work. The Basilisk Mode is challenging and that is the most time-consuming task in this upcoming update. As most users will be using Basilisk rather than the Full and Native Modes, it has to be improved for their convenience. We already have a good amount of tasks ahead for the team regarding the next release after this upcoming release. These are going very busy in backend JavaScript development, while on front-end users might not feel much of a change.

I’m am optimistic with the development progress to have a release in coming few days, or least starting of next week. It all depends on how the GUI team and the rest of the team, who are working on different parts of the combined wallet product, finish the tasks.”

We have recently published an Iguana development update in which Satinder, our lead GUI developer talks about some of the changes that will be present in the upcoming launch of Iguana. Here’s how Jl777, SuperNet lead developer, summed up his expectations for the coming release:

“The feedback we got about the various GUI issues have been mostly all corrected from what I have seen, so the next release should have a much better user experience. We are looking to release the new version within a week. However, there is always a possibility for slight delays, but these delays are just small, short-term setbacks. All in all, it is just a matter of time for all of our features to come online.”

Native Komodo Wallets

Despite slight delays in Iguana GUI, the new native GUI wallets for Komodo. have been released and can be downloaded on github. These are normal wallets and don’t have the same features as Iguana does. It’s also worth noting that these are still in development and are currently being tested.

Although Komodo for Windows is not yet officially supported, thanks to fadeddreamz, an experimental build has been provided. Before installing the GUI wallet on Windows you need to install ZCash on Windows.

Native Komodo wallets released:

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