SuperNET Tuesday Update 30/05/2017

Today, on the SuperNet Tuesday update, we have some exciting news like the recent partnerships that SuperNet has been able to secure with three esteemed companies. We will also talk about the distribution of the JUMBLR asset to KMD holders.

We are going to go through the design competition for our new Agama Wallet logo and we’re also going to talk about our new ‘guess the KMD price’ campaign. We will also do our usual KMD market update. Let’s get to it.

Komodo Market

Recently, the altcoin market along with Bitcoin itself experienced a massive pullback. Since then, both have recovered. At the moment KMD price is 0.00020842 BTC($0.47), with over 58 BTC exchanged in the last 24h on the BTC/KMD markets. See live charts here.


During the Prague conference, we had the pleasure of securing three very special partnerships which were announced on the Komodo newsletter. The companies involved are Loyal, Vedanova, Bitminnix.

  1.  Loyal represents a modern format of Wealth Management, based on a combination of innovative investment strategies and traditional financial centers.
  2. Vedanova develops high-quality web applications and cloud solutions.
  3. Bitminnix is a mining company.

JUMBLR distribution

Jumblr is a single party tumbler that is completely decentralized, removing counterparty risk from the equation completely. It uses the zero-knowledge proof technology found in the KMD cryptocurrency to sever any connection between the sent and received Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. Click here to learn more about Jumblr.

The fees gathered from the Jumblr mixer are allocated to a special fund that will then be divided by members of the community who hold the JUMBLR coin. 5% of the total supply of the JUMBLR asset will be distributed to KMD holders based on a snapshot in early June.

If you still have KMD coins unclaimed on our ICO site should request a payout before this Friday to participate in the snapshot.

Design Competition for Agama logo 

We are running a design competition for the Agama Wallet logo on 99designs. The winner will get a 650 USD prize! – Click here to participate.

New ‘guess the KMD price’ campaign 

We will rerun a ‘guess the KMD price’ campaign next month. Anyone on BitcoinTalk can participate. Follow the Komodo Platform announcement thread for the contest official announcement.