SuperNET Weekly No. 16

CORE and CORE Media were birthed out of the community which formed around the SuperNET project launched by jl777 in 2014. Now that many aspects of the project are finally coming together in fantastic form and usable products are just around the bend, we couldn’t be more pleased to help spread the word and keep our audience up to date on the latest happenings with this revolutionary project and its technology. Welcome to SuperNET Weekly!

Iguana Descriptions


Iguana can be a peer for any bitcoin protocol coin, at the same time.

This makes it practical to run many coins at once, which enables fully decentralized DEX.

But more important is that the iguana’s allow the basilisks to run many coin wallets, without needing any blockchain locally.


Basilisks run over water and they are really cool !

The technical analogy is that a basilisk node doesnt need to have any heavy blockchain locally, but yet gets a decentralized wallet as it uses the iguana cloud to get its data.

This allows even a chrome app to be a multiwallet.

Basilisk nodes can also access potentially thousands of geckochains without needing to store any of them.


Gecko is a streamlined iguana, but it creates a smartchain that is a full altcoin in its own right, but it can be enhanced with any dapp specific functions.

Not eli5 description…but it is the fully scalable solution to decentralize the decentralization and avoids a single errant dapp from contaminating the entire ecosystem.

So each gecko will be a very unique “PhD” specialist in the one thing that it does. However, all the gecko’s custom chains are secured by BTCD and BTC blockchains, so they are lightweight but secure at the same time.


Komodo use nearly magical powers to protect your wealth, for example zero knowledge proofs.

It has two modes, one that is compatible with the normal bitcoin protocol and so it works seamlessly with the other lizards, but there is a secret mode that no other lizard or anything can breach.

The komodo chain provides the first level of protection for the gecko chains and komodo data is protected by BTC blockchain.

DEX, PAX and Pangea will each be a special geckochain and are reference implementations for interoperable dapps.

Virtual Chains

Quick status on the virtual chains. It is mostly coded, and starting to debug. I am able to spawn a new chain remotely from a basilisk node, and the iguana relay node validates genesis, adds it to list of active chains and starts mining blocks. I have it setup so it takes at least two thirds the specified blocktime and with diff so low it is usually taking exactly that long. I am able to submit a tx remotely and it gets into a block, even had one with 6 tx added. Sounds good so far, but the problem is synchronizing between relays. It isn’t doing that right yet, so with two iguana relays it ends up with two different chains, each mining independently.

I guess it is all setup to verify converging to a consensus. Slow going, but steady progress and once done all the SuperNET dapps will be able to spawn its own chain. need some rest and will continue the debugging, hopefully I can get the chains to achieve reliable consensus next week and then I will be able to test the new script opcodes I added.

Iguana Technical Document

Vanbreuk is working on a technical document, but things have evolved rapidly recently. basilisk is a generalized lite node layer that transparently allows a node to interface to any coin supported by iguana relay nodes. as far as the higher level API is concerned, it just behaves a bit slower as it needs to do remote requests.

What this means is that as we get people adding different coins to their iguana nodes, all basilisk nodes get access to those coins, not just a blockexplorer level, but at wallet level. actually DEX should even be possible via basilisk node, but pangea poker probably not, but still working on that.

For now if you run the legacy BitcoinDarkd that will help as all the lizards revolve around BTCD.

iguana -> full node, RPC, wallet

basilisk -> lite node uses iguana

gecko -> virtual chains that use basilisk (or a local iguana)

Are there are plans to support other major coins? Like Ethereum, Nem…?

Basilisk has provision for supporting non-bitcoin protocol, as long as the coin can handle it, but I don`t have time to do all of them myself. So if a coin is wanted support they would need to help out with the integration.

For more information on SuperNET and the work of jl777 and his team, please refer to previous SuperNET Weekly articles and our monthly CORE Magazine and be sure to follow the progress via SuperNET Slack or the SuperNET website.