SuperNET Weekly No. 18

CORE and CORE Media were birthed out of the community which formed around the SuperNET project launched by jl777 in 2014. Now that many aspects of the project are finally coming together in fantastic form and usable products are just around the bend, we couldn’t be more pleased to help spread the word and keep our audience up to date on the latest happenings with this revolutionary project and its technology. Welcome to SuperNET Weekly!

SuperNET Featured in CORE Magazine

This edition includes:

  1. Steem Interview with Ned Scott
  2. Bitcoin News by
  3. WAVES News
  4. report: DAOwn the Rabbit Hole
  5. The Emerging Blockchain Network by Audo Kryptowitz

GUI Update

It is not simple, as we are trying to to build a good product, though we are on a good move. Now we in 0.1 development, in which we are covering Basic Wallet features: 

  1. Account Creation/login
  2. Dashboard (Bitbox)
  3. Sending coin A > coin A
  4. Transaction history
  5. Reference currency
  6. Contacts Book
  7. Receiving Coins

We are experiencing some blockers, but all of them are solvable, though may take some extra time.” – Boogieman

Pangea Update

Pangea is the most demanding usecase as it requires not only realtime networks for each table, but a complex statemachine, along with standard payments.

It took me 2 weeks to get a decentralized shapeshift proof of concept mostly working, so more and more of the required infrastructure is in place. But until all the prerequisites are there, it is premature to try to force a pangea out. also, I have further improved some of the core poker algos, so while nothing is visible it is still there.” – Jl777

InstantDEX – Decentralized Shapeshift Proof of Concept

“Decent progress on the atomic protocol. I am getting the mainstream case working first as I am sure the current code is close, but not exact and before dealing with the error cases it is always best to get the simplest mainstream case working…

The mainstream case (after Bob and Alice agree on the trade details and both get offchain parameters exchanged) is as follows: 

  1. Both send in fees and verify each other paid
  2. Bob sends deposit (bobdeposit)
  3. Alice verifies deposit and sends 2of2 multisig (alicepayment)
  4. Bob verifies alicepayment and sends bobpayment
  5. Alice spends bobpayment and in the process has to divulge the secret bob needs
  6. Bob get’s alice’s secret from 4 and does his spend, and also recovers his deposit

Yes, the above is the simplest case! I have 0, 1, 2, 3, working and 4 appears ok, but getting an error with the rawtx. 5 is a standard 2 of 2 msig, so once 4 works, I think the mainstream case will be ready to be fully enabled. Currently I am not broadcasting the tx to the network as it is a pain to get all the accounts setup properly and once you do any spend, you have to at least wait for BTC confirm.

Now the full solution will need to deal with all permutations of what can happen with either party simply disappearing after any given step. So I need to make all the variants of spending the various dual party tx, ie 2of2 msig, bobdeposit, bobpayment and also beef up the validation, but these are all variations of what is already working, so we should be a couple days away from a working atomic swap demo.

Keep in mind I am using a small number of special relay servers and there will likely be issues with dynamically adding more relays.” – Jl777

I wanted to have a single place to describe how a decentralized shapeshift functionality is created on top of the atomic cross chain protocol. More after I enable and test the actual broadcasting of the signed transactions.” – Jl777

SuperNET Iguana Revealed

For more information on SuperNET and the work of jl777 and his team, please refer to previous SuperNET Weekly articles and our monthly CORE Magazine and be sure to follow the progress via SuperNET Slack or the SuperNET website.