SuperNET Weekly No. 19

CORE and CORE Media were birthed out of the community which formed around the SuperNET project launched by jl777 in 2014. Now that many aspects of the project are finally coming together in fantastic form and usable products are just around the bend, we couldn’t be more pleased to help spread the word and keep our audience up to date on the latest happenings with this revolutionary project and its technology. Welcome to SuperNET Weekly!

Iguana and EasyDEX Update

“Last update I know that James was doing Decentralised like ShapeShift functionality testing and debugging. We should wait for an update from him directly on it’s status.

The official Iguana Wallet GUI team got another team member Yara Abdallah (@yaraabdallah10). She’s taken the responsibility to convert the Iguana wallet designs designed by Anton Leogky (@antonleogky) to HTML/CSS/JS code and code it’s link with the Iguana API providing nice user interface for wallet.

Better and probably more detailed update can be expected from @boogieman.

I have already started working on Iguana EasyDEX part of wallet GUI independently, which once completed can be linked/integrated to exiting GUI wallet without any issue. On technical basis, I took different path to official Iguana Wallet GUI team. I understand the wallet was expected sooner and it’s a need to have something useful. Also, I am not so certain on the Iguana GUI team’s time on wallet GUI code, so I picked nice HTML template code from market, and started coded using it, to which I completed first initial functionalities like, Login/Register/Lock Wallet with options to have Iguana (256bit), NXT (128bit), and Waves (160bit) wallet passphrase options. Then later I hit a roadblock as the author of the HTML template did not allow it to be used with an Open Source software.

So, I have now got another HTML template and confirmed with it’s author to be allowed to use with Open Source project. The reason is to give boost start with the Iguana EasyDEX wallet GUI, and have something ready as soon as possible. I am just building features as per the needs arise to the wallet.

Earlier version of Iguana EasyDEX Wallet GUI had wallet creation/login related features coded, and Dashboard with available wallet widgets was ready as HTML code, which was in process to be populated with real data through Iguana API.

Now, I’m porting the existing Wallet creation/login code to the new GUI, and that should be done soon. May be this week.

Once that’s done, I’ll start working on the Dashboard wallet widgets to display available wallet’s info, like Wallet balance, and Transaction history of particular wallets (e.g. BTC, BTCD). I have got list of API calls from James (jl777) already specially built for this Dashboard. It’s my understanding that without James’s help this little dashboard info like transaction history could have been much headache for a GUI dev just to show the relevant data as expected on frontpage. He really makes a GUI dev’s life easier.

Later, will be to add the sections to allow users to much basic tasks like send/receive by selecting a particular wallet and particular address from selected wallet, BTC or BTCD.

Only after that I’ll be doing EasyDEX features coding, because just coding EasyDEX related feature doesn’t make sense. Unable to do send/receive, see transaction history of particular address, is necessary for a user to fund the wallet and then do any other further transactions. It will take some time to get these things done.

My full focus is on Iguana EasyDEX wallet these days, as I have put my SuperMESH tasks on hold for a while. This GUI is indirectly useful for SuperMESH as well, as the same or similar codebase will be used in SuperMESH to manage SmartChains, specific to SuperMESH. So, it’s kind of the features that I planned to do for SuperMESH alpha-0.0.4 are being already coded with this Iguana EasyDEX wallet.

I’ll share some screen shots of wallet screens soon as I do some porting done.” – Satinder Grewal

GUI Update

“As for Iguana update. We are now finilizing the dashboard and next week switching to

Feature: Sending Coins (A > A)

Feature: Reference currency

Feature: Transactions history

I’m enrolling new developers to the team to speed up the progress. But it takes time to find reliable guys. Hope next Monday will be joined by new forces.” – Boogieman

JL777 Makes Brief Appearance Whilst Having Connection Issues

“I have had really, really horrible connection issues last days, so I think I have the atomic swap code working, but cant fully verify it yet. remaining issues need a stable internet for me to verify and fix and I will get that in a few days.

In the meantime I have made progress on some komodo things. Also seem to have gotten a lot of support from

Oh, I also fixed a few chrome app bugs and the latest works in basilisk mode, apparently as well as the native version. I also merged a pull request for windows compatibility, so it is possible chrome app and even iguana works in windows. Would be nice if somebody can do a sanity test for windows compatibility…”

JL777 on Steemit

“I like I am thinking it would be cool to integrate some steemit community features into [Iguana] GUI. If they continue getting thousands of new (mainstream) users per day into crypto, this is quite a remarkable achievement and good for all crypto.”

For more information on SuperNET and the work of jl777 and his team, please refer to previous SuperNET Weekly articles and our monthly CORE Magazine and be sure to follow the progress via SuperNET Slack or the SuperNET website.