SuperNET Weekly No. 20

CORE and CORE Media were birthed out of the community which formed around the SuperNET project launched by jl777 in 2014. Now that many aspects of the project are finally coming together in fantastic form and usable products are just around the bend, we couldn’t be more pleased to help spread the word and keep our audience up to date on the latest happenings with this revolutionary project and its technology. Welcome to SuperNET Weekly!


“I am pre-announcing a new type of BTCD pool. Can`t tell you anymore than that for now, especially since this hasn`t been announced yet. It’s not a forging pool, as BTCD doesn’t forge. It’s not a staking pool, even though BTCD stakes. It’s not a mining pool either. But i can`t say anymore until the pool fills up with water. Core-media will be announcing the actual announcement of what was preannounced.” – Jl777

Brief Update on Iguana GUI Progress:

“We’ve updated the mockups for creating account loging with just passphrase. Two newly enrolled engineers are finalizing Feature: Creating a new account and Feature: Login. They are in a trial period, if they succeed, they will join the GUI team. Have 2 more guys waiting to take a test. Almost done with mockups for the dashboard. Will be completed by the end of the week.

Next, this week finalizing mockups Feature: Sending Coins (A > A) and Feature: Adding a new coin. If there are no breakups with developers, we will be testing the basic wallet in two weeks due to my rough estimation.” – Boogieman

HEAT Connection

“SuperNET can connect to HEAT, HEAT can gateway to SuperNET, it is auroboros” – JL777

EasyDEX Screenshot

“Implemented code in EasyDEX wallet to check and populate wallet widgets according to their mode. All modes (basilisk, full, virtual) are checked and the wallet widget is displayed with that info.” – Satinder Grewal

SuperNET Iguana Revealed

For more information on SuperNET and the work of jl777 and his team, please refer to previous SuperNET Weekly articles and our monthly CORE Magazine and be sure to follow the progress via SuperNET Slack or the SuperNET website.