SuperNET Weekly No. 9

CORE and CORE Media were birthed out of the community which formed around the SuperNET project launched by jl777 in 2014. Now that many aspects of the project are finally coming together in fantastic form and usable products are just around the bend, we couldn’t be more pleased to help spread the word and keep our audience up to date on the latest happenings with this revolutionary project and its technology. Welcome to SuperNET Weekly!

Skynet Update

SkyNET will develop decentralized AI technology using neural nets, SVM and other methods, combined with blockchain technology to create real world solutions that can be monetized.

Transforming complex, interdisplinary financial data on a large scale into a meaningful strategy using advanced statistics, technical analysis, and machine learning by utilizing local and distributed computation. What BOINC[1] is for folding, FinHive is for finance. This turns FinHive into a first class financial data creator, analyst and vendor.

“Quick update, I am still abroad until sunday for final negotiations to team up with a small group of traders and money manager located in Switzerland. This cooperation will accelerate development and marketing as well as connections to various big names in finance space will post more details on Sunday.” – Nexern

Possible BTCD Hardfork to BTC 0.12 and New PoS

JL777 – “I took a day off yesterday and was fiddling with bitcoin 0.12”

Bcdev – “You have an interesting definition of “taking a day off”.

“I posted in slack about a 0.12 hardfork to very positive reaction, so I will describe here the plan:

Currently iguanacore is in testing of the RPC layer, this will allow iguanacore to be a drop-in replacement for BitcoinDarkd/bitcoind for all except creating new blocks. During the transition phase, we still need the normal BitcoinDarkd nodes to create the blocks.

However, yesterday I studied the exact staking method and also the 0.12 codebase and realized I could relatively quickly get a BTCD 0.12 release, once the staking code is put into an isolated module. I did get a 0.12 to start syncing with the existing BTCD network, but the protocol has changed enough that it didn’t really get going, other than to find some peers after genesis.

In my opinion, the safest path is to update the BitcoinDarkd to the 0.12 codebase and have it take over the block generation. The iguanacore would be able to submit staked blocks to the network, but by having the 0.12 nodes doing the actual new block creation, we will benefit from all the improvments in the bitcoin codebase. Especially regarding all the various fork resolutions.

Eventually, iguanacore will handle all this, but by having the 0.12 nodes take this over, it allows a faster deployment. Also, it will allow me to create a (0.12 <-> iguanacore) interop network and enhance the 0.12 codebase with other iguana interop features.

As a bonus, I also figured out an enhanced staking that will add value to the staking process, but I dont want to disclose details until I get at least a proof of concept working.

This would require a hardfork, which means older nodes will eventually go off onto their own fork. So all nodes would need to upgrade. We can make it so that the 0.12 is deployed well ahead of time in a follow the existing chain mode, until the hardfork block. At that time, it takes over block generation.

The following are the release points, without the 0.12:

  1. Bitcoin RPC compatible
  2. Instantdex API stable
  3. Tradebots API stable
  4. Pangea API stable
  5. PAX API stable
  6. Asset passport API stable

The RPC compatible iguanacore is doing quite well in testing and once that is released, theoretically all existing bitcoin RPC apps would be able to work with it. We will test it with MGW and a few other standard bitcoin RPC based apps.

Now, I am speaking about the iguanacore and not the GUI, which is quite independent of the core by using the bitcoin RPC as the interface layer.

Assuming the community wants the 0.12 hardfork, we need someone to coordinate it. I will disclose to the hardfork coordinator the new enhanced staking, so proper marketing plans for that can be made. I just dont have time to deal with all the non-technical aspects for the hardfork.


P.S. There is also the chrome app release that will require existing nodes to be deployed first, so that is not a specific release point.”

Where do these new BTCD proposals fit in to the SuperNET timeline?

Instantdex is next up. I wont delay anything for the hardfork, will just do it in the background. Another point is if we want lite wallets. If so, then the lite iguana’s will need full nodes to query. Which means I can make a liteiguana <-> old codebase interop or liteiguana <-> 0.12 codebase interop. It could well take less effort to port to 0.12 and get the interop network working, vs. spending the time with the old codebase, which also wont have the new opcodes in 0.12. Additionally, once I do the 0.12, I will do it in a way so that it wont take much work to rebase to 0.13, 0.14 etc.

Anyway, technically it is something that has to be done at some point and I can do it on my off days. I have spent almost 3000 hours on just iguanacore in the last 6 months and it is looking pretty solid so far. What I am saying is that to achieve the SN technical goals, moving the blockgenerating nodes to a recent codebase is really something that shouldn’t be skipped and it will be much easier to hardfork before usage expands a lot. Another point is that the technical scope of the hardfork is not very big compared to what has been done so far. I don’t think many understand just how much work iguanacore represents. Think about how many independent bitcoin implementations there are, with full RPC and how much work the bitcoin devs have put into bitcoin. Iguanacore is parallel syncing significantly faster than the reference client. It is not just a refactor. The codesize of iguana is ~3MB vs tens of MB for bitcoind.” -JL777

New channel in SuperNET for Testing

#testing-general is where the day to day test results are, all RPC except sendtoaddress, sendmany, sendfrom, lockunspent, listlockunspent, sendrawtransaction, submitblock, move, gettxoutsetinfo, getrawchangeaddress.listsinceblock are active, with the last 4 on the low priority “might not bother with them” list.” – JL777

How many coins will stake under Iguana?

“I only plan to stake BTCD with iguana, but other coin devs are welcome to make pull requests with staking code for their coin.” -JL777

“Script processor is coded”

“Wrote code that implements today. Ended up at 1000+ lines of code, and still some loose ends, plus need to verify it. I think I can just debug the scripts that are the mainstream one and the custom ones that I need. 99% of the bitcoin script system is just not used, but it needs to have support for it in case someone does a transaction with any of the valid opcodes. Also I am leaning toward extending the script opcodes whenever it makes sense to support SuperNET services.” -JL777

For more information on SuperNET and the work of jl777 and his team, please refer to previous SuperNET Weekly articles and our monthly CORE Magazine and be sure to follow the progress via SuperNET Slack or the SuperNET website.