Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana Moroz – Music Financed and Produced with Cryptocurrency

Tatiana Moroz – What can Bitcoin do for the Music Industry?

Tatiana Moroz is a North American country and folk singer and songwriter that has embraced Bitcoin and the Blockchain. She used the technology to design a new business model for musicians to follow. This helps bridge the gap between artists and their fans. Fans are able to contribute to her work directly and maintain a close relationship.

Tatiana saw another incentive in using the technology. It allowed her to get rid of intermediaries and access a new funding method.

Who is Tatiana Moroz ?

Tatiana Moroz is one of the first artists ever to embrace the blockchain and libertarian activist communities. Her work is a new production of the folk style of the revolutionary 60’s and 70’s. There is, however, a trace of other genres of music like pop, rock and even blues. Tatiana was the first musician creating the world’s first ever artist cryptocurrency. She founded Crypto Media Hub, an advertising, PR, and marketing agency in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Tatiana also goes around speaking at conferences and performing all over the world advocating for Bitcoin. She has been a prominent figure when it comes to spreading the Bitcoin word and has appeared on multiple popular shows news sites such as the New York Times, International Business Times, Billboard, Infowars, and even at Fox’s Stossel Talks.

Tatiana and Cryptocurrency

Tatiana Moroz was the first musician to introduce the concept of the “Artist Coin.” By introducing her own coin called “Tatianacoinn” in 2014, the libertarian singer-songwriter launched an unprecedented revolution in the music industry. Since then, Tatiana became an avid Bitcoin evangelist having written dozens and dozens of lyrics dedicated to cryptocurrency.

Nowadays, Tatiana continues to be a fervent cryptocurrency advocate and even has her own crypto-related podcast streaming on several outlets. These outlets include the “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” network and weekly “ Tatiana Moroz Show.”

Besides being the pioneer artist responsible for the creation of the first cryptocurrency in the music industry, Tatiana found a new method of funding artists, through a cryptocurrency-based platform, while also giving birth to a whole new way of involving the fans with the artists.

Tatiana opted for the “Artist coin” model because she thought it could offer innovative ways for people to get involved with the artist work. She saw the potential to incentivize stronger relationships with fans while also giving them the ability to access all kinds of goodies. Tokens could provide them with access to early releases, sponsorship opportunities, private performances, behind the scenes parties, and much more.

On a publication on her LinkedIn page, she states:

“Tatianacoin is the first instance of what we call an ArtistCoin: a digital currency that removes the middle-man and smooths contracts, payments and communications. ArtistCoins will enable songwriters, record labels, and publishers to seamlessly register their work, view tamper-proof payment contracts, and distribute songs with all the splits built in. This will streamline the licensing process and ensure all the parties are fairly compensated.”


When she met Adam B Levine, the founder of “Let’s Talk Bitcoin” they started thinking about what Bitcoin could do for the music industry. This was the beginning of the whole adventure. They decided to issue Tatianacoin. Tatianacoin was powered by the Counterparty protocol (XCP), a distributed platform running on the Bitcoin protocol using the next generation cryptocurrency protocol which was then entitled Bitcoin 2.0. Tatianacoin would be sold using the same concept of crowdsale in which the user buys their tokens to support the artist and then could later redeem his tokens for special prizes.

Tatiana commented:

“You could redeem your Tatianacoins for members only rewards including autographed memorabilia, advanced copies of music, swag, and access to exclusive events.  We were even offering custom music, house concerts, and sponsorship opportunities!”

While the Bitcoin protocol could be used for a financial purpose, it could also serve as a base for issuing smart property or Tokens that could be used for different purposes. Having this in mind, Tatiana thought she could issue her own tokens and create a whole new economic ecosystem around her music on her own terms with freedom of decision. Tatianacoin would then allow for connecting fans directly to the artist. This would also serve as an example that could be emulated by other artists.

Keeping And Spreading The “Faith” In Crypto

Her last album “Keep The Faith” released March 31, 2017, was entirely produced and financed with cryptocurrency, and it is the living proof that she is getting somewhere.

In public appearances, Tatiana passionately talks about bitcoin and how she is leading the music industry on the same path as cryptocurrency is. She always speaks and gives her support for the cause and never forgets to mention Ross Ulbricht and what his condition means to freedom. Make no mistakes. This lady has done more for bitcoin than a lot of famous Bitcoin figures joined together.

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