Crypto Children 2

Teaching Children About Cryptocurrency Is Essential

Parents want the best possible life for their children, and education for your child is an essential part of giving them a good life. Kids spend almost the entire first 18 years of their life going through pre-school, elementary school, middle school, and high school. During this time, many hope to attain high enough grades to go to college for another 4-8 years. This is usually done to get the experience and education needed to get a good job and provide the income needed for a comfortable life.

One thing that school and colleges don’t teach your children about is cryptocurrency since it is so new; Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created only 10 years ago. In that time, the price of Bitcoin has exploded from fractions of a cent to roughly $10,000 as its usage has spread across the globe. Thousands of new cryptocurrencies have been created since the inception of Bitcoin as well, many of them becoming quite valuable themselves due to unique blockchain-based technologies that they offer.

Cryptocurrency Can Empower Our Children

There is obviously a lot of money that can be made by trading and investing in cryptocurrency, and that alone is a good reason to teach your children about them. However, the main reason your kids need to know about crypto is the decentralized freedom that they provide. The world has become extremely centralized and controlled. The government, banks, and corporations have more power than ever before to control the flow of money and the spread of ideas.

Centralization of our government and banks has made it quite challenging  to start your own business, unless you are born very wealthy. Also, your money can be frozen at any time for any reason when doing business, if you depend on the fiat financial system. Bitcoin solves this problem, since its transactions are anonymous and cryptographically secure. So, your money can never be frozen and you can send any amount of money anywhere in the world to buy any good or service you want.

Crypto & Censorship In Our Society

Another major issue in our centralized society is that scientific and political ideas are often censored by those already in charge, so that they don’t lose their profits and power to those with better ideas. Cryptocurrency is built on the backbone of a blockchain, which is a string of blocks each containing cryptographically hashed information.

Blockchain technology was initially built just to facilitate the decentralized transfer of money, but it can also be used to transfer any other data or file imaginable including political discourse, scientific papers, pictures, videos, etc. If you use a decentralized blockchain to store and transfer your information, you will never be censored no matter how much someone else wants to stop your ideas. 

Security & Beauty Of Blockchain

The blockchain is so cryptographically secure that it can never be altered, even by the best hacker. This gives your children total freedom to spread ideas, which could lead to great success for them, rather than getting their ideas censored and stolen on a centralized platform.

The world is an unfair place, where the rich have fashioned society to keep their wealth, power, and prestige at the expense of the freedom of everyone else. Cryptocurrency has the potential to be a great equalizer, giving anyone the ability to have total control of their own money, freedom to grow a business and become wealthy.

Blockchain-based technology developed from cryptocurrency allows the free flow and development of ideas. Any good parent would want their children to have the freedom they need to control their money, make money, and spread their ideas so that they will be successful. Therefore, it is essential for parents to teach their children about cryptocurrency and decentralized blockchain-based technology, in order to give them the best shot at being successful in this world.