The DECENT Network is One Step Closer Towards the Digital Revolution

DECENT is a blockchain-based network that aims to improve the content distribution industry making it fair, transparent and decentralized. DECENT uses its own blockchain to create a decentralized content publishing and sharing network where anyone can publish and access content in a cost-effective way.

This system ensures that content creators are not overcharged for publishing content and gives them a fair chance to rank higher within the platform based on a ranking/reputation system. Not only do content creators benefit, but consumers do as well. They attain a higher level of privacy and get to skip the middlemen, accessing content for a better price and through a model that doesn’t require a subscription.

The DECENT network will also allow individuals and companies to create a wide range of layer application that can be used for blogs, music publishing, streaming, e-book publishing, software sales, indie games development and more, allowing content to be properly organized and easily accessible.

In order to fund the ongoing development of the network, DECENT hosted a token sale in 2016. Since then, multiple advancements have been made such as the release of the first testnet. Although investors can not withdraw their tokens yet, these can be “gambled” on as IOUs on the Liqui exchange. A more advanced ICO platform is being built and it will be launched before the actual network.

Since our last update on DECENT, a lot has happened in terms of development. Following the successful release of the first and second testnet, Ceaser, the team has now launched their second testnet. The official announcement reads:

“Blockchain based DECENT Network is one step closer towards the Digital Revolution. We have launched DECENT Testnet #2 called ‘Alberti’!”

Following in on the feedback gathered from the first testnet, DECENT has fixed some bugs and added new features to this second testnet. These features include the release of a testnet client for Windows, the addition of regional rights which allows the publisher to set different prices for different places, a subscription mechanism, and a framework for multiple content types. Additionally, users can also now interact with the test DCT token and send it to other users in the network.

Along with the second testnet, there have been several other updates like the improvements made to the DECENT GUI which makes content publishing and consuming much more intuitive. The team is also working on future additions to the network.

From the feedback already received from the 2nd testnet participants, DECENT has already committed to making several improvements.

Not only is development moving as planned, but the team also continues to work on the outreach/marketing side by attending events like the Future of Work Conference in Wisephore, Prague, the Slovak Smart City Cluster Day in Poprad, Slovakia and many other events in places like Ireland, Bratislava and Hong Kong.

To learn more about the DECENT network, visit the official website and blog.