The Enjin is Humming | A Blockchain Gamer Platform

As the globally connected gaming market continues to experience incredible growth, Enjin roars in to make it easier to build your Guild or Clan website and create your own gaming community. What’s your pleasure; Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Unturned? Enjin has you covered.

When you first visit, you’ll notice a couple of things right away. First, you can use Enjin to host and design your site.

As Enjin describes it, the environment is:
“A modern content management system designed specifically for gaming communities. Highly sophisticated & customizable. Like building blocks, you can snap your website together in seconds. All the tools to make a stunning website are at your fingertips.”

The second thing you’ll notice is, you can get started for free. Just sign up and follow the bouncing ball. Build your site from over 50 building blocks with features like blogs, chat groups, wikis and shopping carts. Then invite your friends to your site or recruit from the millions of users that are already part of the Enjin gaming community.  Every member gets a profile, activity wall and messaging system.

Looking under the hood, you’ll see robust assets to take your platform mobile, a complete DNS manager, and protection against DDoS attacks because ain’t nobody got time for that! <grin> You can also incorporate voice servers using TeamSpeak 3 or Mumble.

Enjin has both free and paid subscription options.  When you first sign up, you’ll have the bells and whistles of the paid subscription for 14 days before deciding which subscription is best for you. Of course, you get more stuff with the paid accounts but you can collect donations from members with group pay and PayPal tools to offset the costs.  There is also an affiliate program that pays a commission for members you refer that opt for a paid subscription and other qualifying purchases.

Speaking of that sweet moola, Enjin gets even better by introducing Enjin Coin, a smart cryptocurrency for gaming. As of this writing, Enjin Coin (ENJ) is in the presale.  Your Enjin site is already Enjin Coin enabled so imagine being able to trade virtual goods and earn coins on this gaming platform with “real” value.  You’ll be able to link any sellable assets to the Enjin Store for sale in-game or on the website priced in Enjin Coin, Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum or fiat currencies.

Enjin Coin is deployed as ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network.  There are no built-in fees either; only the small Ethereum transaction fees known as “gas”.  Enjin also recently announced the Coinomi Wallet which now supports Enjin Coin adding to its flexibility.  Finally, using the Enjin Coin open-sourced SDK, you can even mint your own custom coins for special game features, opening up a multitude of options for in-game economy.

You can learn more about Enjin at and more about the Coin at