The Launch Date of the First Testnet of DECENT Network ‘Caesar’ Announced

The idea behind DECENT is to create a blockchain-based content publishing and sharing network. It will allow people and companies to create a variety of applications on the open-source protocol. Those apps can be used for blogs, music publishing, streaming, e-book publishing, software sales, indie games development and more. Because of its decentralized nature, DECENT eliminates the need for a third party involvement and, by doing so, maximizes the content creators’ profits. It also uses strong encryption protocols, ensuring not only that information will remain secure and confidential, but also preventing access and modification from third parties, making it censor-free. The platform has the potential to empower content creators and consumers alike.

The great thing about the DECENT team is that they recently started sharing detailed information about the development of the project on a regular basis, via documented dev-sprints made every two weeks. The first document revealed some updates, like the design package format and the first basic functionalities of the subscription system. Basic functionalities involve managing active subscriptions and a price-and-duration matching mechanism.

The second sprint brought several necessary additions to the Network’s core functionalities like the seeding plugin, an essential feature that deals with the network’s’ core functionality, and the content distribution itself was implemented. IPFS protocol and libtorrent, based on a p2p principle, were introduced as well as making file transfers between consumers and content producers possible. Improvements to the DECENT wallet were also made, like the option to see the account’s balance, and the Command Line Interface(CLI) has been temporarily integrated into the GUI wallet, making the development process even more efficient;. Finally, the implementation of “Travis”, a testing software, will simplify the work of the developers.

Another update, released at the end of January, featured 4 testing levels, that are planned to be launched during the 4 upcoming months, and the launch of the mainnet, the official DECENT Network that is scheduled for Q2 2017. The first testing level, named “Caesar”, is set to be released on the 10th of March and offers a unique chance for people to gain exclusive access to the DECENT network. Users just need to sign up using an email address, but the opportunity is time limited and the sooner you sign up the earlier batch of invitations you will be included in. This first release will demonstrate the whole transaction model of the DECENT Network, its core functionalities and security features, all complemented by the user-friendly GUI. Users will receive a certain amount of DCT Tokens, necessary to participate in the testnet. Publishers will have the option to upload any digital content and set its price, and consumers will be able to search for the content and buy it if they choose so.

Apart from the development process, the team is also focused on the marketing side. They have been working hard on ensuring that the technology is adopted globally. The CEO and founder of DECENT, Matej Michalko, will be attending several events across Europe. He recently moderated a discussion panel at Vienna’s venture capital & private equity conference. The panel discussed the potential of Blockchain Technology in relation to the FinTech sector and took place on the 14th of February. On the 21 st of February, Matej went to London and spoke at a meet up hosted by Coinscrum and on the day after he introduced the DECENT Network at an event in UCL University. In both events, he elaborates on the company’s goals and plans, and also described the future potential of the technology and the milestones achieved so far.

To learn more about DECENT, visit the official website and blog.