The Waves Platform is Flooding the Cryptosphere

Recently, the cryptocurrency landscape has changed quite a bit with Bitcoin losing its position as the dominant market cap to Ripple (considering the total supply) and altcoins growing at an unprecedented rate. In the midst of all this excitement, Waves’ recent 75% rally on the BTC markets may not have been the most accentuated one.

However, when looking at other factors, which are far more relevant for future price discovery than today’s global altcoin upsurge, the Waves Platform has been setting itself apart from other blockchain-based platforms.

Among other tools provided by the platform, Waves’ easy-to-issue Custom Application Tokens (CATs) have made blockchain-based crowdfunding campaigns as simple as possible, a characteristic that has attracted several projects already. Not only that, the recently released Waves decentralized exchange or DEX also allows the tokens to be traded as soon as they are issued.

Among these are MobileGO, a crypto asset with a dual-blockchain feature that is to be issued on the Waves and Ethereum blockchain. Its ongoing ICO has gathered more than $26 million, making it one of fourth most successful crowdfunding campaign in the world and the second most successful in the cryptocurrency space after The DAO.

Others projects like the EncyptoTel and ZrCoin ICOs have gathered over $4.5M and $1.8M so far and ZrCoin ICO is still ongoing. Both of these projects bring something completely new to the table.

Not only are these projects bringing visibility and credibility to the Waves Platform, they are also stimulating the Waves economy by creating a need for transactions in the network which incentivizes PoS mining which in turn keeps the network healthy. A unique feature in the cryptosphere, the Waves Platform transaction fees can also be paid in assets, creating demand for the token and introducing Proof of Stake miners to the project at no cost whatsoever.

Not only is the Waves Platform becoming a standard in the ICO space, its current LPoS system is also making the process of cryptocurrency mining accessible to anyone with a computer. A recent update to the Waves Lite Client allows leasing your balance to be done with a few clicks (click here to watch the video). Mining or leasing is also incentivized with the Miners Reward Token (MRT). This feature also ensures that a significant portion (currently ~41%) of Waves tokens are committed to leasing or mining Waves tx. fees, which creates scarcity.

With the influx of projects using the Waves Platform and with the fast-paced development, keeping the community informed is also important. Recently, the WavesCommunity website was launched, a hub where users will be able to keep up with the most recent Waves related news, guides, information on Waves assets, and more. The team and community are also building the Waves Wiki, a place where all information regarding the Waves Platform’s features and tools will be present.