Thomas Power and His Insights on the Future of Blockchain

Thomas power is among the few highly sort cryptocurrency experts globally. He is an entrepreneur, business consultant and a social media speaker with interests in technology and digital revolutions. He has a broad network of about 250,000 twitter followers. This following allows him to reach a wider group, and share his knowledge on cryptocurrency and the blockchain in general. He has deep connections in NYC, Australia, London, Silicon Valley and New Zealand, hence increasing his dominance.

His Cryptocurrency Journey and Background

Thomas’ cryptocurrency journey started in 1980 when he was still a student, and since then he has managed to raise over $130m in assets and capital. His excellent track record has landed him lucrative opportunities with some of the most prominent crypto brands globally. He is a long-serving member of the cutting edge board (Bitcoin, Blockchain, ethereum, crypto ICO and ripple). He has also worked as an advisor to executives of global technology leaders such as Microsoft, Dell, Accenture and Google, on matters technology and management.

What Is He Currently Doing?

Thomas now serves as a director at 9 spokes in New Zealand. The organization’s task is to recommend appropriate business applications to small-scale companies, and incorporate them into a smart dashboard. The system then reveals classified information on the company’s performance and eases coordination of the staff, investors, and customers.

Power`s Predication on The Future of Blockchain

According to Thomas, we should expect the blockchain to show its power and scale from 2023. Just like Warren Buffet- a renowned American investor, Thomas believes that every market needs 15 years for it to mature. “The blockchain is currently in its hype stages and just like its famous financial crash of 2007-2009, investors should expect another crash in 2020-2022,” said Thomas Power. “However, after the 2023 mainstream scaling, the blockchain will steadily rise to maturity by 2030,” he added. The crash is every investors fear, but those who hold on will eventually reap the fruits.

His Family and Lifestyle

Thomas is married to Penny Power and is a father to three grown children. Thomas loves reading, learning, and has published seven books. He has spoken in over 1000 events and conferences around 60 countries. He loves traveling and looking after his dog pet.

In summary, Power advises youths and aspiring cryptocurrency experts to continue reading broadly on crypto, follow all tweet and avoid hasty decisions while executing trades. You can follow him on his twitter accounts for insider information on cryptocurrency and blockchain evolutions.