Tidex Aiming to Use Waves “Matcher” Technology. A New Exchange with Zero-fee

Tidex is a new exchange that will be based in the UK and officially endorsed by the Waves Platform. It will trade WAVES, Waves tokens and other popular cryptocurrencies including LTC, ETH, DOGE, DASH and BTS. It will be launching with zero-fee model for traders and liquidity guaranteed.

At the current point in the development and adoption of cryptocurrency, both liquidity and decentralisation of trading infrastructure are critical. Altcoin trading is typically concentrated on one or two major exchanges, risking loss or theft of funds. Exchanges are the gatekeepers to the cryptocurrency world, a situation which can only be addressed by increasing their number. However smaller exchanges, whilst welcome additions to the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole, generally struggle through lack of liquidity – particularly when they first start out.

Tidex, a new exchange that will be registered in London, aims to contribute to the solution to this persistent problem. The site has recently launched in beta and is undergoing testing by the community, with bounties available for replicable bugs. Tidex is powered by iCoinSoft team.

Given the nature of the emerging blockchain and fintech sector, it is important that Tidex should pioneer best practice in terms of security and administration, and show the way for other cryptocurrency businesses. The exchange is fully vouched for by Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov.

In due course Tidex plans to integrate Waves’ Matcher on the backend, and will act as a node for the decentralized exchange to enable real-time trades on the Waves blockchain. Meanwhile, the priority is to build liquid markets for key altcoins and crypto-tokens. This will be achieved both through zero-fee trading at start, and by deploying market-making bots on the exchange. Tidex will be funded by monthly listing fees for coins, amongst other means.