Tiffany Madison

Tiffany Madison | Guiding Blockchain Ventures to Success

Tiffany Madison – Advisory and Communications Expert 

When looking for an expert in corporate and sensitive communications, your search is sure to lead you to Tiffany Madison, partner and cofounder at DecentraNet. Tiffany has not only worked in the usual corporate organizations, but was also a former presidential candidate.

With her foray into blockchain, Tiffany Madison was convinced the space was in need of better communications management, leading to the launch of DecentraNet. Her company is a blockchain advisory firm that offers investment and advisory services to corporate entities and individuals alike.

As a prolific writer and speaker at numerous international events, Madison has earned a thought-leader status in the blockchain and crypto space. She is also listed on ICO Bench as an expert in investment advisory, communications and solutions strategy. Being a blockchain personality with about 10,000 followers on social media, she uses the medium to share her insights on blockchain and crypto, including news and updates about DecentraNet with her fans.

Before DecentraNet, Tiffany Madison once worked as Vice President of Coin Congress, a crypto-focused event series founded by Brock Pierce. Such experiences, as far back as 2014, intimated her with the lack of diversity in the events happening in the space.

DecentraNet, Guiding the World’s Top Blockchain Companies

Having a eureka moment of that multi-billion dollar idea is not sufficient to make it a success. Proper, expert guidance is required. Guiding top blockchain ventures to success is what DecentraNet, a full-scale blockchain consulting firm, is set to do.

DecentraNet can help a blockchain startup launch their ICO from start to finish as their full-scale services include: whitepaper development and distribution; smart contracts development and tokenomics, marketing, branding and PR; legal, regulatory and compliance (KYC and AML); private capital and strategic partnerships; and token sale and campaign management.

Tiffany Madison brings her skills as a Strategist, Advisor, Communicator, Consultant, and Writer to DecentraNet which has earned her some amazing clients including: Nano Vision, DAOstack, Fr8, BuildCoin, Academy, and Loci among others. DecentraNet also played host to CryptoHQ at the World Economic Forum recently held in Davos.

Decentralizing Women’s Participation in Blockchain

Being an expert in several key skills means Tiffany Madison can spread her tentacles outside DecentraNet. At the moment, she is an advisor for DeedCoin, a real estate use case blockchain project. It effectively replaces the traditional real estate agents and their 6% or more commissions with a DeedCoin agent that charges just 1%. Home buyers would have the chance to pay for a realtor’s services, partly or wholly in crypto.

As someone with a daughter and three nieces, plus a woman herself, Tiffany actively promotes the decentralization of women participation in blockchain and crypto. In her recently granted interview to Lisa Winning of Forbes, Tiffany gave a few ways through which conscious efforts can be made regarding women inclusion in the dynamic space. First is creating new opportunities for women, by opening up job roles; another is offering women a platform to showcase their expertise. How else would this happen if all-male panels keep happening in events? Finally, she is convinced, mainstreaming crypto adoption would go a long way to increase women participation.

In a space so bro-filled, it’s refreshing to see a woman, an expert communications and investment advisor, charging her way to prominence and relevance in the space while trampling down all obstacles to women inclusion.

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