Tony Gallippi

Tony Gallippi – Delivering Financial Services to the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Tony Gallippi

There are a lot of influential personalities in the world of Bitcoin. These prominent figures have made enormous contributions to help Bitcoin go mainstream. One of these influential figures is Tony Gallippi. Gallippi has been one of the biggest contributors when it comes to providing financial access to Bitcoin businesses.

Anthony Gallippi, better known as Tony Gallipi, is one of the Co-founders of BitPay Inc. Bitpay is one of the most popular companies offering financial services for Bitcoin users. Gallippi completed a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is quite experienced in the marketing and sales area. He has more than 15 years of experience in the area under his belt.  He also has plenty of experience in working with the Robotics industry. This experience has made him a great asset for Bitpay.

He is currently BitPay’s Executive Chairman but before this, he was representing the company as its Chief Executive Officer. Gallippi’s specialty is to manage all of the day-to-day operations as well as finding new business development partnerships. Before founding BitPay, he worked at Aerotech, an Industrial Devices Corporation as a District Sales Manager and Regional Sales Manager. Gallippi is also an honorary member of the Advisory Board at Money 20/20, LLC.


In 2011, Gallippi and Stephen Pair launched what would later become the most popular Bitcoin financial services company. Since then, the company has been growing steadily and has offered secure and safe cryptocurrency processing for brick and mortar shops and online services. In the first year of its existence, the firm was able to grow from 100 to 1100 merchants using their cryptocurrency payment processing services.

In 2013, the firm already had over 80 employees and was rapidly becoming one of the leading payment processing companies in the sector. In the same year, Gallippi and BitPay’s other co-founder Stephen Pair were featured on Atlanta’s TechEdge programme to discuss BitPay. He was able to bring WordPress and Woocomerce on as clients. With this last partnership, BitPay was going to handle Amazon’s web store purchases.

In 2014, BitPay was already an established company providing Bitcoin financial services in every part of the world. The team was also growing exponentially. At this time, Gallippi mentioned that the company was on course to surpass one million customers in 2016. During the same year, he announced the restructuring of the company’s pricing plans and started offering free plans with no fees charged to the merchant. He criticized credit card payments which can have fees up to 5%, in comparison to the zero fees offered by his company. With this, he was trying to increase the popularity of Bitcoin by showing that it could be way better than standard payments.

The company was launched with the goal of providing payment and payout services to individuals and companies operating with the popular digital currency. Today, BitPay rivals Coinbase and serves a big percentage of businesses working with Bitcoin.

Gallippi’s Contribution to the Community

Since the company’s inception, Tony Gallippi has been the one luring a lot of public organizations to join the company’s services as merchants. This has been particularly positive for the industry as it raised the awareness about the Bitcoin technology.

Gallippi has been on several talk shows and media discussions to advocate and educate people on the true potential of Bitcoin. In 2013, he was invited by the US Senate to talk about Bitcoin and the financial market. He left quite a good impression with his presentation at the Senate. Gallippi managed to show the Senate the real cost of credit card transactions in comparison with the use of digital currency.

Anthony Gallippi’s contributions since getting on board the Bitcoin train in 2011 have greatly impacted the growth of the digital currency. It can be argued that the financial infrastructure he developed paved the way for Bitcoin to truly become the currency of the internet.