Most Noteworthy ICO Heroes: Top 11 Projects Doing What It Takes To Keep The Era Of The ICO Alive

With government bans of ICO projects in China, the promotion of ICOs on the Isle of Man, the back-and-forth reports coming from Russian ICO regulations, Canadian ICO regulatory news and the USA guidelines set forth by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) it is easy to see why people are left baffled and concerned.

It is a challenge to decide which project one can lawfully include themselves in at this point. Check with your local governments and law enforcement agencies, to be certain you are abiding by the law of your jurisdiction then take a nice deep breath.

After much scrutiny, and hours of “white paper” dissecting, a handful of projects really stand out from the others and somehow contribute to the ICO and crypto community, promoting freedom of the same.

Check out these 11 projects that seem to cover all the bases, They have what it takes to ensure that the ICO era doesn’t die completely.

Lydian Coin – This coin sparked a lot of media attention recently when Paris Hilton graced Lydian Coin with a perfectly proper tweet proclaiming her excitement about participation in their upcoming ICO. The talented starlet chose wisely when she opted in on Lydian because after scouring the white paper thoroughly, it is clear that the Lydian team has done their due diligence and has displayed the proof of this good work for all to see at Lydian focuses on the industry of targeted advertising and uses a blend of artificial intelligence and many generations of compiled market data to make a more efficient, more intuitive playing field where advertisers and consumers both get more value from their digital endeavors. Transparency is everything people. If there is an argument against this project, I bet you will find the best rebuttals already built in, right on main pages of the website. Ahead of the curve? Absolutely! Sale date of Lydian Coin To be announced, soon. Updates available at

UTRUST – This project stands out because of its fresh, simple promise spelled out in their crisp, well written white paper. The UTRUST project is focused on secure payment processing for both buyers and sellers, and this concept has been attempted but never perfected until now. A common fear for sellers when deciding whether or not to accept cryptocurrencies as a method of acceptable payment for their offered goods and services is the fear of being scammed. Thousands of would-be customers want to shop with their favorite cryptocurrencies but cannot easily find a merchant with this payment option. If they are lucky enough to find a vendor who accepts cryptocoins in exchange for their products there isn’t any buyer protection when using your digital funds to shop. UTRUST acts as a middle-man and removes much of the liability for both buyer and seller with a purchase protection mechanism that is unprecedented in cryptocurrency. The Pre-ICO sold out but the public ICO kicks off 09/20/2017 AT 2pm GMT. Find out more here: UTRUST – ICO

Komodo Platform – Already a popular project under the awesome umbrella of the brand, Komodo is a crypto currency platform that stunned coin developers across the globe with their recent announcement. Komodo team members revealed to the public their strategic alliance with the e-banking leaders at Monaize. Not only is the Komodo/Monaize partnership one of the first blockchain-meets-banking relationships the world has seen, but they are also putting their breakthrough dICO or Decentralized Initial Coin Offering technologies to work for the first time. This is LEGENDARY. The products that can manifest as a result of utilizing the Komodo Platform are endless, and their vision of a decentralized world is rapidly becoming a reality. Coin developers will easily catch on to the intricacies of Komodo, and as the team continues working with dICO projects, more user friendly tools are likely to become available. Check out the team at the SuperNET slack.

Waves – Waves is widely known for being a go-to user friendly coin launching platform and anyone can give it a try with a click. Waves is a front runner because the blockchain technology they deployed was one of the first in it’s class. Waves has been part of dozens of ground breaking initiatives ranging from hosting a crypto coin for Burger King to enlightening political leaders on blockchain use for a better, more efficient government. The Waves platform founder Sasha Ivanov was one of the sponsors for the 2017 ICO Hypethon , an event that acted as a collective effort to find the most promising ICO projects and enabled them to launch successfully.

Affchain – Ivan Maslennikov aka Evan Rush, a Cofounder of RunCPA left an impression with his ICO project, Affchain at the Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference in Stockholm where he explained the company goals. Affchain seeks to eliminate suspicions between affiliate marketing advertisers and affiliates, and to introduce cryptocurrency to large, highly competitive affiliate advertising networks. Ivan spoke at the 2017 Hypethon- where the project earned second place against dozens of competing projects. He said “Affchain is a blockchain based performance marketing protocol to defeat mistrust with low cost, efficiency and most importantly, data transparency.”

Decent – Decentralized content on a blockchain that is verifiable with timestamping and unchangeable data makes Decent one of the top 11. Content that is added to the Decent database can include virtually any type of media including music, photos, video, documents and larger files that would normally require cumbersome torrent scatters or excessive upload times. It is a huge step toward the prevention of plagiarism because each type of media is timestamped and sealed into the chain, block by block. Industry wide fair practices should naturally become standard as this type of technology makes involved parties totally accountable. This can spell many benefits in the highly competitive content distribution arena. Decent offers a Wiki Page for the public to easily access the company information, and they encourage visitors to ask questions. Explore the Decent blockchain and visit to get up to date info.

Ethereum – This may seem obvious, but credit is due to the Ethereum project because this project brought the ICO concept to the game.Ethereum coins are the closest competing coin to Bitcoin, and the Ethereum protocol is being used widely and shows no signs of tiring soon. Using Ethereum a user is able to create a smart contract that essentially acts as an escrow, holding on to contributors funds until a specified date or goal. Depending on results of the contract funds will be distributed to the proper parties. All of this takes place without the watchful eyes or prodding hands of any centralized entities. Experience Ethereum online at

Kin – A decentralized network of services intended to be used in the daily lives of all people. Kin is a very special project that has goodness at its center. The whitepaper explains the methods in which Kin will operate as a digital warrior, defending and uplifting small businesses and mid level industry brands that some lovingly call “Mom and Pops Shops”. Kin has an interesting philosophy that aims to naturally redistribute wealth in a way that better serves mankind, rather than the small percentage at the top of today’s current ecosystem. “Digitally natural” is a term that rings strangely yet the Kin philosophy expresses this as a goal. The list would not be complete without this clever crew. Visit the Kin website. Mark your calendars for the launch of the Kin ICO 09/12/2017.

Salt – SALT lets its users leverage their portfolio of blockchain assets to get cash loans. This is a simple, timeless concept with a twist since SALT is one of the first lenders to collateralize cryptocurrencies to secure loans for consumers. Salt has a gorgeous website that is totally user friendly and the experience from the first click is classy, simple and sexy. Who knew Salt could be so attractive? Ease of use and simplicity in its goals got the Salt project into this list. It is an obvious money maker which also helped in deciding. Review the Salt loan products and apply for a loan with a few clicks on your device. Learn more at

Tezos – The Tezos crowdfund is a shining example of a successfully completed crowdfunded sale with results that left the crypto community in awe. The Tezos team gathered a total of 65,697 Bitcoin and 361,122 Ethereum during the sale. The project drew lots of attention from the crypto-crazed crowds because of their unique self governing blockchain and the methods of verification involved in the process. Special interest was directed toward the project when people realized that Tezos blockchain had improved security features when compared to Ethereum. According to the White Paper the security built into the code is complex, and stunning. Using an intricate chain selection algorithm a beastly, little, upgraded technology called the shell protects the chain from denial of service (DOS) attacks. In a nutshell (pun intended) the defense will ban malicious nodes and keep transactions clean, and that added security means the difference between wealth and…getting hacked by some bozo. Participants can check on the status of their Tezos activity at

Filecoin – Filecoin is a fantastic example of a completed ICO project that brought innovation to the blockchain game. Oh, they also collected an astounding 257 million dollars. Yes, really. Filecoin brought decentralized storage in a blockchain that transforms cloud storage space into a marketable product. This phenomenon effectively allows Filecoin miners to earn coins by providing storage to network users or clients. This concept is incredible, and it was taught in grade school. Share, be nice, get rewarded for hard work. If only all things worked this way. Decentralized storage is a concept that has since Filecoin’s successful ICO completion, grown more popular, but credit is due to this project for its early manifestation of such an advanced transacting methods as spelled out in their incredibly thorough white paper and related documentation that accompanies it. The special formula includes a mind boggling algorithm call Byzantine Fault Tolerance, named after a dilemma between military leaders who could not come to agreement- the Byzantine Generals Problem. The problem, in the case of Filecoin involves Validity, Agreement and at last, termination or decision to proceed. It is a tedious way to say “You saw that right? I know you saw that I saw you see that.” It is marvelous, and will turn your head around faster than James Taylor’s cold wind. Nice Work Filecoin team.