Top Ten ICOs Announced Ahead of ICO-Hypethon Closing Day

The first ICO-Hypethon commenced August 16th and continues thru the evening of the 17th in Saint Petersburg, Russia at a creative arts studio known as Street Art Museum.

The attendees of the event and its hosts, CryptoFriends are an eclectic assortment of personalities with at least one common denominator, and that is their relevance to the crypto-community.

This crypto-elite crowd stands out as a mix of experts in all things blockchain, a few brilliant rookies, some veterans of cryptography, and a highly regarded group with deep pockets endearingly nicknamed ICO-angels.

The term “ICO-angel”  is a candy-coated way to label a private investor with non-traditional funding criteria.

In footage published live from the ICO-Hypethon,

Dozens of teams spent their time in the first half of the Hypethon buzzing about with their associates; polishing presentations, perfecting their products and practicing their speeches.

One of the ICO projects stood out with a clever hook.

RunCPA cofounder Evan Rush took the stage to introduce the new project, called Affchain. To explain the problem that Affchain will solve Rush first created a need for  HIS Products and services, right there in the ICO-Hypethon.  Instead of posing a threat to his peers, he got the competition salivating when he said:

“During the last two weeks we collected $500,000 additional investment for an ICO project we worked with.  Today we are introducing Affchain. Affchain is a blockchain based performance marketing protocol to defeat mistrust, with low cost, efficiency, and most importantly data transparency.”

A steady stream of blockchain geniuses were carefully narrowed down to the teams with the best business plans, and most promising start up projects.  The teams have 48 hours of unprecedented opportunity to perfect their pitch. In those 48 hours the teams will be given expert mentorship, valuable input from the minds of the industry’s most brilliant thinkers and a rare chance to collaborate with the pros. The goal is to be fully prepped within that 2 day window to launch a full throttle ICO or Initial Coin Offering to raise funds and create awareness for the participants and their projects.

Edgy music played on loudspeakers between guest speakers. A series of fast-paced and nerve- wound team leaders zipped through their presentations with haste as the event organizers ushered them along with a slightly anxious vibe and a feeling of urgency that may have been unnerving for the attendees.

The 2 day sponsored gathering features Top Speakers

  • Sasha Ivanov- Founder at Waves and Platform and event sponsor
  • Eric Benz- CEO at CryptoPay
  • Marc Kenigsberg- Founder at Bitcoin Chaser
  • George Basiladze-Founder at CryptoPay
  • Aleksey Arkhipov- Chief blockchain officer at QIWI
  • Daniel Gusev-at Digital Space Ventures
  • Anatoly Radchenko- Co-founder at United Traders, Co-founder at Black Kvadrat Fund
  • Igor Kostylev- Chief Editor at
  • Elina Sidorenko- Doctorate in Law, Professor at MGIMO
  • Dmitriy Firskin-CIO at Altair Capital

The top 10 ICOs at The Hypethon Have Been Afnnounced!

  • Pingpong
  • Forseti
  • CryptoPay
  • Investy
  • Nousplatform
  • Lastwill
  • Solidified
  • Uber Food
  • Affchain
  • Darfchain

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