Tricia Martinez

Tricia Martinez Brings Financial Services To The Under Served

Financial Inclusion For All

Tricia Martinez wants more financial inclusion, freedom and literacy for all. Her focus is more on the developing world where there is more need. Tricia also believes cryptocurrencies are the right tools to achieve these goals. She has chosen to contribute towards achieving this goal with the Wala financial platform and the dala utility token.

Martinez has a Behavioral Economics Master certificate from the University of Chicago. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, Martinez is an activist and feminist too.

Get Wala and Dala Token

When I say “Get Wala”, I am referring to the name of the financial platform, co-founded and run by Tricia Martinez. Wala was set up in August 2015. The aim of the platform is to remove restrictions to accessing banking services. Wala plans to bring about financial prosperity for its users by doing this.

The Dala utility token is the ERC20 token used on the Wala financial platform. Participants on the platform can send Dala tokens to each other. The token can also be used to buy airtime and internet data amongst others. The token is even said to have a proven reward system. This reward system is expected to attract consumers, merchants, financial institutions and corporations to the platform.

Professional Career Before Crypto

While working on a a previous start-up in Uganda, Tricia Martinez witnessed the difficulties faced by subsistence farmers in managing their monies. The farmers lived in areas with no banks. They also found mobile money services unaffordable. She probed further to gain a better understanding of the problem from the locals themselves. From here, the rewards system for the Wala platform was tested and the platform was created.

Basic transfer was the business Maritnez was working on when the inspiration to start the Wala platform came. Basic transfer helped the subsistence farmers have access to an affordable cash transfer system. Another start-up she co-founded is Nuevo Labs. Nuevo Labs was also focused on bringing financial services to people who were unable to have access for various reasons.

Tricia worked as microfinance director for Chicago microfinance initiative. She has also been involved with the venture capital companies G-Startup Worldwide and Techstars.

Blockchian technology has been touted as a revolutionary one. The fact that it is already bringing about radical changes in various industries supports this claim. We are also beginning to see real world applications of the technology thanks to people and companies working on ways to solve problems. Tricia Maritnez is playing her part and making meaningful impact with her entrepreneural skills and blockchain technology.