Tron (TRX) Remains the Second-Most Popular dApp Platform After Ethereum: Report

Jennifer Spencer from EnergentMedia has shared key highlights from Dapp.com’s third quarter decentralized application (dApp) development market report.

Overall Market

  • “Dapps built on 6 mainstream blockchains have performed a total transaction volume of $2.03 billion in Q3, dropped nearly 40% compared to Q2.”
  • “Less than 150 new dapps were launched in Q3. Less than the monthly average of the 1st half of 2019. (164.6 New dapps per month in 1H 2019.)”
  • “The activity of dApp users from all blockchains has also performed a huge drop in Q3 – Only 36% of the dApp users from Q2 used dApps at least once in Q3.” 
  • DeFi has gained huge growth in Q3 – over 525 million USD was performed by Finance services dApps this quarter. And the Ethereum DeFi dApps contributed over 88% of the total volume in the Finance Sector. Finance has become the second-largest category in terms of volume in Q3 2019. “
  • “500,000+ new users access to dApps in Q3. Over 138,000 (27.6%) of them started picking up dApps for Finance services and over 170,000 (34%) of them were bought into space by Gambling dApps.”

 Ethereum Dapps: DeFi

  • “Most of the active Ethereum dApp users in Q2 didn’t use any ETH dApps in Q3 – There are only slightly more than 80,000 ETH holders used dapps in both Q2 and Q3. But the wave of DeFi has given the best growth for Ethereum dApp users – over 310,000 new dApp users in a quarter, the highest of all time so far.”
  • “Over 132,000 users used dApps in the Finance (DeFi) category, the highest compared to the other categories. At the same time, DeFi dApps has contributed over 58% of the volume of Ethereum dApps in Q3 – with a total volume of over 2,275,000 ETH, worth 466 million + USD.”
  • “The leader DeFi dApps on Ethereum includes MakerDAO and Nest.”
  • “The Ethereum dapp performance is overall very steady compared to the ones of other blockchains. Matrics including the number of active users, amount of transactions and volume in Q3 didn’t have many changes compared to Q2.” 

EOS Dapps: High Retention

  • “Amount of mainnet account and new dApp users for EOS grew the slowest in Q3 among the top dApp-centric blockchains – Ethereum, Tron and EOS. Less than 220,000 new EOS accounts were created in Q3, and 80,000 EOS holders have started using dapps in Q3.” 
  • “However, EOS has the highest user retention among all the blockchains – 40% of the old EOS dApp users were still active in Q3. To compare, Ethereum has 5% and Tron has 15%.” 

TRON Dapps

  • “Tron has added another 500,000 users on the main net in Q3 – with a total number of over 3.7 million mainnet addresses, making it the largest blockchain platform that launched after 2017.” 
  • “Tron is still the second most popular blockchain to build dApps, after Ethereum.” 
  • “Tron dapps were dominated by gambling dapps – the least diverse among other blockchains.”