TrustedHealth Launches Blockchain-Powered Healthcare Platform

TrustedHealth Launches Blockchain-Based Platform

An established company operating in the medical sector is launching a decentralized patient to doctor cooperative platform focused on uncommon or life-threatening diseases. The company, TrustedHealth, says it’s launching a blockchain-enabled platform designed to provide healthcare services to patients who suffer from rare or life-threatening diseases all over the world.

On its website the company says:

“TrustedHealth is meant to be a decentralised patient- and doctor-driven cooperative focused on life-threatening or rare diseases. It is tailored to support the unification of health care to ensure the provision of the best medical care to everyone, everywhere.”

TrustedHealth’s Virtual Clinic platform enables patients suffering from an uncommon disease to quickly find consultations from medical experts who specialize in their specific condition, regardless of whether they are on the opposite side of the world.

Since the technology is capable of greatly improving how sensitive patient data is shared and stored, while enabling practitioners to rapidly share information, TrustedHealth believes it can bring quick and effective support for patients anywhere in the world.

Presenting Solutions to the Healthcare Industry

According to research from the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, a published report suggests that up to 88% of patients who had a second opinion from another doctor saw their diagnosis changed, or were presented with a completely different diagnosis.

Moreover, TrustedHealth feels it is critical to tackle misleading diagnosis by giving patients the chance to have a second opinion. By leveraging blockchain technology, the company wants to empower patients to find the best treatment for their condition. Furthermore, TrustedHealth is confident that its platform will streamline the way private medical records containing sensitive patient information is shared without exposing it to risks.

Notably, patients are facing more and more challenges in finding the right medical expert, because it’s difficult to find a reliable diagnosis from multiple qualified doctors within a specific geographic location. With the Virtual Clinic, this might no longer be a limitation, as it is able to provide a virtual consultation where the user actually speaks to the doctor as if it were a real consultation.

Teaming Up with an Existing Platform

TrustedHealth is going to team up with Trustedoctor, an established Healthcare-focused virtual platform that is working on bringing together patients and medical experts. Right now, its main focus is the brain, lung and prostate cancer, but in the future, it hopes to support other diseases such as breast cancer and spinal conditions.

Trustedoctor relies on its proprietary PatientLink tool, to enable patients to create a detailed private medical history, and share it with a specialized doctor to remotely analyze the data.

The central piece of Trustedoctor’s ecosystem is the TDH token. TDH will be used as the currency of the platform and will allow patients to pay doctors. According to the company, some of its revenue will also be donated to patients who cannot afford medical help.

Continued Growth

At this point, the platform has already brought together a worldwide network of 250 patients, and 80 doctors who provide expert medical assistance. It was also able to sign partnerships with 16 patient organizations, and make doctors use the system at more than 40 hospitals globally. Lately, Trustedoctor has been testing its software in virtual clinics across six hospitals based in the US, UK, France and Switzerland.

In the next couple of years, the company plans to expand the support to include 20 new conditions and add more than 450 new specialists to the network. It is also planning to allow patients the chance to suggest and vote on new implementations.