Twitch Adding Tips with Cryptocurrencies to their Platform


Twitch, the popular video game transmission website with millions of visitors, is taking steps that indicate that it does not want to be left behind. Streamlabs, a Twitch transmission application, announced on its blog that it was now going to accept cryptocurrencies as tips.

Streamlabs has enabled an option which now allows users to acquire audiovisual content by purchasing it with the following currencies: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin (BTC). To do this, Twitch visitors can link their Streamlabs account to their Coinbase account. Doing this allows the users to spend their cryptocurrencies on Streamlabs without extra charges.

The Streamlabs blog editor stated that:

“It’s time to wash one of your Lambos (Lamborghinis), because everyone who uses Streamlabs can now accept payments in cryptocurrencies. We’re initially adding support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, and will be looking into adding other coins in the future.”

How to Activate the new Option

To integrate cryptocurrency tips, Twitch users can visit the Streamlabs donations news page to select the Coinbase option. From there, they must log in and link their Coinbase account to the Streamlabs platform. After this, a page showing the suggested cryptocurrencies is displayed for users to choose from. The user can also opt to receive notifications anytime they receive a tip.

Streamlabs does not charge any fees for using the service. The only charges involved would be the usual network fees that come with using the various cryptocurrencies. Users are also to expected Coinbase’ charges for converting the cryptocurrencies to local currencies.

What this Means for the Crypto Community

Cryptocurrency advocates are quite satisfied with the integration of tips by Streamlabs. More services integrating cryptocurrencies into their websites is a sign of progress for the crypto community in general.

Also, Twitch is a popular gaming site that has millions of unique users. It is also currently one of the 50 most visited websites in the world. During the first quarter of this year, Streamlabs processed more than $34 million dollars in tips for users within the platform belonging to Amazon. The integration of cryptocurrency tips would definitely expose their broad userbase to crypto. This would help bring more new users to the crypto world.