Twitter Filled With Scammers, EOS Conference, Ethereum Update

Regardless of what giant social media companies like Facebook and Twitter might claim regarding ensuring the privacy and safety of their users, there are a large number of scammers using these platforms to exploit people.

Joseph Young, a Twitter user with over 80K followers, who’s also an analyst and crypto investor (based on his profile), recently alerted his followers regarding…



As the Forbes contributor mentions above, Twitter was quick to suspend his account for what its management team thought was questionable or inappropriate football footage. However, scammers reportedly posing to be Joseph Young and attempting to steal users’ funds were not considered a serious issue by the controversial social media company.

Incidents such as these have become more and more common due to the fact that these large social media outlets simply cannot keep up with the overwhelming number of accounts that are created daily on their networks. Therefore, it’s probably best not to rely on large social websites such as Twitter and Facebook for your personal safety and from not being scammed. It would be better if everyone can take responsibility for how they surf the internet.

In early 2018, Crypto Core Media had reported that users of the wallet had lost a staggering $50 million. This was reported to be due to people becoming victims of phishing scams. So, please check carefully the spelling of the websites you visit. Before you enter in your  private information, always make sure that the website you are at is actually the one you think it is.

In other relevant news shared on Twitter, there was an interesting poll by ConsenSys asking what its followers thought about the biggest challenge for blockchains in the future? Personally, I picked “scalability” and so did the majority or 49% of survey respondents. Other challenges included having enough developers, which of course will never be a challenge because there’s clearly no shortage of programmers trying to learn how to code blockchains. Moreover, there are now plenty of experienced crypto and blockchain developers.


In other important updates from Twitter, Ethereum’s birthday is coming up. The platform will be 3 years old very soon…amazing how time flies…not only will Ethereum be 3 years old, it has some impressive achievements under its belt as shared below:


Rounding up the important updates from Twitter, EOS Dublin tweeted that the Inaugural EOS Community Conference will be held from July 19th to July 21st in South Korea. And, that about does it for a our brief Crypto Twitter updates.


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