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Ugly Truth About World Crypto Network

World Crypto Network (WCN)

World Crypto Network is an independent media organization that gives us up to date news on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. WCN is has been operating since 2014 by creating content and podcasts with many prominent personalities in the Crypto space, who have been giving their valuable insights. There is a massive following for WCN since it is unbiased and honest media with the best commentators contributing to the podcast.

Many famous Crypto personalities like Andy Hoffman, Tone Vays, Adam Meister, Jimmy Song and Vortex are actively participating in useful discussions that enrich the users with day-to-day Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency news and updates. There is a massive following for WCN across the globe and people actively listen to WCN due to the unbiased, honest commentary from the world’s most prominent crypto personalities.

World Crypto Network is a non-profit organization that relies only on the revenue from its YouTube channel and Podcast. Followers can also donate Bitcoins to the channel to extend their support and show their gratitude. The motive of the channel is to educate the people across the world about cryptocurrencies and make them understand the disruptive nature of this technology. This media organization is one of the biggest in the crypto space with 56K followers on Twitter and thousands of followers on YouTube and podcasts channels.

WCN is Different

World Crypto Network is different from other media organizations focusing on Blockchain / Crypto news. Other media tend to be biased and always shill their favorite coins. Noobs who don’t have any idea of this space get diverted and fall prey to many scammers on YouTube and Twitter. Many people disguise themselves as Veterans in this space and quickly grow followers and then misguide them in the wrong direction. Many YouTubers try to create hype in a project and try to pump up the price of a coin. Noobs who get excited, buy the coin at the top and get rekt. Since this space is unregulated, investors cannot go to the authorities and complain if they lose money.

On the other hand, WCN is unbiased and honest in giving the news and valuable information to their followers. This is one of the reasons for it to build trust among people and grow a massive following in a short span. People trust this media more than any other media in the crypto space. Also, all the speakers are thoughtful leaders and genuinely knowledgeable in crypto space.

Infighting in WCN

In recent times, the flavor of WCN has changed a bit, and the people from the same media accuse one another. One can differ in opinion and has the full privilege to disagree with others’ views and thoughts, but accusation and personal attacks in the public forum cannot be accepted. These attacks happen publicly on social media like Twitter and Youtube, and this has made WCN look ugly.

World Crypto Network is not a corporation or organization, but an independent media organization where experts from across the globe come and share their valuable insights on cryptocurrencies. So there can be a difference of opinion, and the media empowers each one of them to come out with their thoughts and ideas. But this freedom cannot be misused by them to attack one another. This also creates a lot of confusion among the audience when one disagrees with the others’ opinion. If one says a particular thing and the other from the same media negates it, then it will create a negative image for WCN and also creates confusion among the viewers.

Andy Vs. Tone

There are many examples of speakers accusing each other. One such case is Andy Hoffman criticizing and tweeting against Tone Vays all the time on Twitter. Both of them are respected speakers at WCN, but they both accuse each other, forgetting that it will create an ugly picture for WCN. Below is a tweet from Andy Hoppman accusing Tone as a FUDster, since his TA pointed that Bitcoin is remaining in the bearish zone and might go down further.


The funny part of this episode is that Tone Vays’ trade analysis is also broadcasted on WCN podcasts. If WCN is corporate, it would have fired Andy right after his first tweet, since it goes against the idea of the organization. If Andy feels that the Tone’s TA is wrong and misguiding the followers, he should first ask the admin of WCN to remove them from the channel and then come and tweet against it. Instead, he allows it to be a part of the media and also speaking against it is creating a lot of confusion among the followers.

Imagine if a regular follower of WCN watches Andy’s video blasting Tone’s TA and then the next video is Tone’s TA, then one will go mad and will get confused on who is right and which one to follow. Below is another tweet from Andy calling Tone a “King TA FUDster.”


Many people have warned Andy to be careful and cautious while tweeting against Tone since both come from the same media network. Meanwhile, others add fuel to the fire by tagging Andy to some of Tone’s tweets and watching them fight on Twitter.

WCN Speakers Promoting Shitcoins

The WCN integrity and respect has suffered after its speakers started promoting some forks of Bitcoin that have received massive backlash from the crypto community. For example, we have already mentioned in my previous post about Bitcoin Private pump and dump and how Rhett used it to his advantage. The members of WCN are promoting this fork of Bitcoin and Zclassic. Also, Bitcoin Rhodium is another fork of Bitcoin that is going to be launched; this too has been shilled by its members. The project is delayed by months, and they log your IP addresses while claiming your coins from them, which compromises your privacy. Below is a tweet from one of the developers – Ben Verret mentioning the danger in claiming the coins from them.


We want World Crypto Network to be more responsible and reliable media because its followers can get honest content only from them. If this gets contaminated, people don’t have many places to go since other media are just pretending to be advisors but are only promoting scams in the background.


  1. I like that WCN accepts input from people with differing thoughts and beliefs. It would be pretty boring if everyone always agreed with everyone else.

    Personally I wish they didn’t give so much space to Tone’s TA. It seems like nonsense to me with his magic numbers. May as well read tea leaves as far as I’m concerned, but for some reason they tolerate it.

    1. But, perhaps they can be a bit more professional with their responses. Resorting to personal attacks is inappropriate. We are all working in cyber space where we usually do not get to meet the people we are interacting with in person or in “real life”. So, we should maintain some sort of cyber etiquette I think.

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