UTRUST Payment Platform gathers $1.5 Million in less than 90 Minutes

New York, September , 2017 – (Crypto Press Release) – Utrust, a disruptive payment platform for cryptocurrencies, has gathered $1.5 Million in under 90 minutes during its Pre-ICO (Pre Initial Coin Offering), allowing early backers of the project to join the community in its first stages and to benefit from the pre-ICO price bonus.

Now, Utrust is gearing up for its upcoming ICO which will help fund the development and marketing of the first-ever payment platform for safe online cryptocurrency purchases. ICO participants will receive UTK, an Ethereum-based token that brings various advantages to its holder, such as fee exemption within the platform and a buy-back & burn program for the token itself.

The Utrust team plans to bring cryptocurrencies to the mainstream audience by making them viable for online purchases, something that has been missing from the cryptosphere since its inception. Utrust does this through the use of an advanced consumer protection mechanism in which every transaction is accompanied and protected, resulting in a PayPal-like platform for cryptos.

The Utrust payment platform allows buyers to use their favorite cryptocurrencies for every transaction, making it a widely accessible platform for all members of the cryptosphere. The merchant himself is able to receive fiat and to shelter himself from the infamous volatility that is associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether.

Before the payment reaches the vendor, however, it is allocated to the Utrust escrow which will only release the funds once the buyer confirms that the transaction has been successful. The result is a highly efficient platform that can be used both by buyers who want to be protected and by sellers who want to expand their client-base to a crypto/tech-friendly audience.

According to Nuno Correia, CEO of the Utrust project, the consumer protection mechanism is the missing piece that will allow the cryptocurrency puzzle to reach mainstream audiences. He stated:

“Without a strong customer protection mechanism, the majority of crypto money out there is useless. The cryptoshpere needs a safe environment and a trust relationship between buyer and seller in order to make virtual money practical and to take it to the next level of adoption.”

The Utrust ICO will take place on the 20th of September. During the ICO, 70% of the total UTK supply will be available to participants for an initial $0.04 price which will gradually increase to $0.085.

The Initial Coin Offering put forth by Utrust will allow participants to be part of the project in its early stages, benefiting from a 0% fee on the platform and from a buy-back & burn mechanism that will see tokens purchased from exchanges at their market price and destroyed, providing an incentive to spend and to hold the token, according to individual preference.


About Utrust

UTRUST is a revolutionary payment platform that empowers buyers to pay with cryptocurrencies while providing a groundbreaking purchase protection mechanism.


Name: Filipe Castro

Email: team@utrust.io

Phone: +41 22 518 70 77

Address: Zug, Switzerland

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