Vcash | A Cryptocurrency Never Seen Before

Vcash is the fastest cryptocurrency out there and its development is coming along just as fast as the coin itself given that Vcash is, and always was, self-funded. XVC has seen a very stable and healthy growth over the last few months, both in value and in the development process.

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Vcash prides itself on being one of most complete cryptocurrencies when it comes to improvements made over its predecessor, Bitcoin, a coin that despite being the first and most popular suffers from numerous imperfections and limitations.

Thanks to its ZeroTime feature, Vcash transactions can be spent with no confirmations required, making it the fastest cryptocurrency in terms of transaction speed, without the need to resort to centralized masternodes. Furthermore, Vcash is currently developing its novel feature: ZeroLedger, which will allow users to download the XVC blockchain in a matter of seconds – a monumental step towards ease-of-use. Also, it requires only 1 confirmation on Poloniex!

Furthermore, Vcash protects user privacy and fungibility with its built-in blender and provides unlimited scalability with its dynamic block size, two problems that currently plague the Bitcoin community and have caused multiple debates, projects, and conferences (which usually lead nowhere).

Very complex development process also includes real-life applications like the world’s fastest cryptocurrency-based gambling system, ZeroSlot and next casino. Click here to see the development Roadmap for Vcash.

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