Vcash | As Fast and Furious Continues…

Following Vcash’s constant rise on the price charts during this past month, the 0.4.8 RC3 version update was recently announced and released via a post in the official Vcash forum, by the anonymous developer and cryptographer John Connor.

Vcash has recently broken the 0.00025 mark, which is the highest Vcash has been traded for in the last few months. Market cap of Vcash will be surely growing in time.

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Vcash is a speed and privacy-centric cryptocurrency that allows transactions to be complete without any confirmation needed, through its Zerotime feature. XVC can also be sent anonymously using the built-in blender feature. Learn more about Vcash here. This update includes some important and long-awaited features such as:

1. The implementation of Deterministic Key Generation Support that was first introduced in the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 0032 (BIP 0032) and allows users to create a deterministic key, also known as “seed”, in order to restore a wallet backup.

2. The partial merging of the Zero Ledger technology , that although not fully implemented, allows the Vcash blockchain to be loaded within seconds as demonstrated in this preview:

Although not much is known about Zero Ledger’s underline technology, it may allow a new kind of  adoption, never seen before in the crypto space, since this technology was never present in any other cryptocurrency and it can boost end-user ease in an unprecedented manner.

3. The inclusion of new RPC methods and functions, and changes to the GUI wallet, which now includes a “Rescan” option in the Advanced settings.

Features like Zero Time and the built-in blender, that have made XVC into a unique cryptocurrency remain unchanged. The latest official windows wallet can be found here:

The latest windows RC candidate wallet for testing purposes can be downloaded here:

New features and tools like the implementation of a new Decentralized Governance Protocol and Thin clients (which allows blocks containing only your transactions to be downloaded ) are to become available in 2016 according to Vcash 12 month roadmap , along with new staff acquisitions and other developments.