Vcash | The Fast and the Furious

Cryptocurrencies have evolved from digital money to much more than that, from complete economic systems to decentralized application platforms, crypto has it all, but there’s still much to do in terms of “digital cash”, especially when one looks at Bitcoin.

When we talk about speed, Vcash is the cryptocurrency that won the race before it even started, since there are no confirmations needed in Vcash you can expect any transaction to arrive within 0.23 seconds and to be spendable in 1 minute. All this without the need for master nodes and without any possibility of double spending due to the implementation of ZeroTime which, unlike InstantX, is completely automatic and decentralized. Vcash also allows users to make anonymous transactions with a built-in blender feature.

The old block size dilemma has been fixed with an adaptive block size rate, in which the next block size is calculated according to the last 220 blocks, thus the motto “let the code decide”. Autonomous block sizes allow the blockchain to scale with unlimited transactions per second (tps), which were previously limited to 100 tps on-chain, and 15k tps off-chain.

By using a modified version of Peercoin’s Proof of Stake algorithm and Blake256 as a Proof of Work hashing algorithm, Vcash is a hybrid cryptocurrency.

Incentivized nodes are also a part of Vcash’s ecosystem, in which part of the block reward is donated to good publicly addressable peers. In order to become an incentivized node, a 10000 XVC collateral is needed, as well as the minimal computing requirements.

When using ZeroTime, users create and broadcast a transaction and then a lock, which is then agreed upon by nodes. This way, the transaction input is locked in a global transaction pool, which ensures that any later attempts to use the same input will be rejected by the network, due to consensus conflict. Malicious block reorganizing and peer attacks are also mitigated by the Zerotime system due to its consensus mechanism.

Downloading the blockchain can also be done in a matter of minutes with the ZeroLedger feature, once its implemented. Not much is known about this feature, for obvious reasons the technical details are being kept secret. But you can check out a demonstration here:

You can also check out the Vcash 1 year roadmap plans here: