vDice – Blockchain Gambling Games

vDice – Blockchain Gambling Games

vDice is a site displaying Smart Contract betting games on Ethereum. It is a comfortable UI with which to interact with these games. Developers have already put two games live. This is dice and slots, implemented as code directly on the Ethereum network. A new game called vPax is currently under development and more games will follow, from a variety of development teams building for the platform and token system. The games run completely on the blockchain.

There is no third party who ever touches funds. You send your ETH to the smart contract. The smart contract processes the bet.  For the uninitiated, a Smart Contract is simply code that executes autonomously on decentralized blockchain networks, like Ethereum, without interference. Once the code is verified on the network, it’s enforced by the network’s computing power. No one controls it and no one can take it down. The game owns itself.

The code is open to everyone. Anyone can read it. Everyone can see. It does exactly what it should do. You only have to trust the Smart Contract. This is public, verified code, that lives on the very public Ethereum blockchain. The VSL token ties everything together and interacts directly with the platform. It serves a variety of useful functions.

As a platform and brand vDice allows developers all over the world to harness the power of blockchain betting and gaming. 

Games and betting games more specifically have become quite popular on Ethereum. They are leading the way in actual use cases for the new network and smart contract platform. This trend is expected to continue. With a lot of hype, games and betting games offer an obvious and necessary real world use case for the technology.

 The vDice brand is just one possible implementation of a front-end; a lens through which you can view game activity on the Ethereum network. Developers are free to work on their own, interacting with the smart contracts directly.

Gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry that has been revolutionized by the internet. With online gambling accounting for a significant proportion of the world’s betting activity, the decentralization offered by blockchain is expected to usher in even more dynamic changes.

Official Website: http://www.vdice.io/

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