WARNING! SLACK SCAMS ON THE RISE | Use with extreme caution and awareness

If you have been around the crypto ecosystem for a while, you have probably entered the realm of SLACK where teams and communities “meet” to share their insights, raise awareness and collaborate on projects on a neat subscriber-based platform in an environment that is a geared toward real-time information flow and communications.

Myself, a part of this platform for nearly three years, I have found it priceless in terms of communicating with teams and sharing vital information when time is of the essence. Even though it is free for use, the platform does come with a hefty price tag when considering it is a ‘pay-by-user’ based expense structure, which causes most communities to rely solely on the free version making it difficult to archive history and limited use of a plethora of applications.

Until recently, I have been fortunate enough not to have seen anything questionable, or if there was scamming around, perhaps it was of little importance, however, there seems to be a heated targeted attack that has circumvented any SLACK administration they have, if any, which has caused a massive campaign of phishing and fraudulent activity.

One such notable scam was the recent TEZOS ICO that a lot of communities were anxiously awaiting. With less than 4 hours to go before ICO open, a Slackbot named slackalert released an announcement that the ICO was live and directed you with a link to tezos.com which was actually tezos.com.co, that looked identical to the official page. If you did not think to look at the address bar, you would have expected it to be legitimate.

A quick look at the btc address I was personally provided with, shows a pirate’s bounty of around US$10,000, looking closer, I see a number of addresses that have been used and consolidated to another account which shows the collective balance of around USD$35,000









Of course, the beauty of Bitcoin is that transactions can never be reversed, tampered with or even accounts closed down, this is perfect for 99% of use cases, but the remaining 1% does leave the door open for potential fraud to be enabled. To be perfectly honest, it is 1% that I am happy to live with given the benefits of being in total control of my own personal wealth and not subject to some self-imposed authority with a false sense of morality that can easily dictate when you can have access to your own money, where you are able to access it and how much you can spend at any given time … not to mention the questions of how you got it, bank reporting and taxation authorities spying on your accounts.

So all in all, it is a matter of being aware that even though this ecology is based on holistic and truly revolutionary ideals, it is still not resistant to the evils that pervade our world today. People at all levels of growth and mindset, will be attracted to the vast implications that cryptocurrency can provide us in terms of commerce and value exchange.

We must hold our integrity intact, remain vigilant and work together to ensure the bad players are named and shamed. Whenever you see something that is questionable, let your community know as soon as you can. Let’s all walk side-by-side as we navigate this new landscape which will ensure we are powerful together and united, lest we be separated and divided as was the plan for us as a species long ago. Be careful my brothers and sisters in crypto, it is still early days for us.

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