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Huntington, NYC (Crypto Press Release) August 2nd, 2017 – Wavesplatform, the platform that is going to stay. Released in May 2016, founder Sasha Ivanov (former NXT) created an easy to use decentralized Blockchain platform. With Wavesplatform it is very easy to create tokens, this makes it a perfect platform for creating your own crypto-currency, start crowdfunding on the blockchain or paying dividends to customers.
But there’s more..

It’s straightforward ‘in-wallet’ Decentralized Exchange (DEX) makes it possible to trade all possible token pairs with extremely low fees. It is creating a whole new environment for many new and upcoming Blockchain projects.

Wavesnode.NET as an early adopter, was one of the first that created a fullnode on the Wavesplatform. Owners Rob van de Camp and Jarno Hogeweg (both from the Netherlands) are crypto enthusiasts from the early days and they embraced the Wavesplatform right from the start.
While owning their own datacenter they were able to create a perfectly suited environment.
High performance combined with proper security are the key factors of its success.

With the help of Wavesnode.NET users of the Wavesplatform can easily increase their stack. Right from the Waves liteclient (the wallet) customers are able to lease their tokens to Wavesnode.NET.
While the Waves are still in the end-users wallet, the fullnode uses it’s granted Waves by leasing to generate transfer fees. Also good to mention; users still receive airdropped tokens while leasing.
The generated fees are shared with the connected leasers each week, giving the end-users their fair share and help them increasing their position. While doing so, the leaser is helping secure the network.

Pietpiraat, Wavesplatform end-user said: “The open communication of the Wavesnode.NET team has encouraged me to use their services, with full satisfaction for a long time now.”

With more great projects starting to use the Wavesplatform as their startup platform, there is a bright future ahead.
Wavesnode.NET (who just celebrated their 1 year anniversary) are proud to be a part of this passionate community and we welcome all of you to check our website for instructions for leasing.
Help us securing the network and get rewarded in return!

For further information, please contact us at https://twitter.com/wavesnode or check our website at https://Wavesnode.NET



Website: https://Wavesnode.NET

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wavesnode

Waves, Blockchain for the people!

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