Waves Launches Leasing in Lite Client, Bounty Campaign Announced

After releasing LPoS in the lite client, another milestone from the roadmapWaves relies both on full nodes to process transactions and on regular users who can lease their balance to these nodes. Both are rewarded with fees from transactions on the network. – Watch the video to learn how to lease your Waves tokens.


Being a full node becomes much more profitable when there are users leasing their balance to your node. It’s a win-win situation where the leaser is able to earn staking rewards without the need to run the wallet and the full node earns a percentage of the leaser’s staking rewards.

Full nodes that are publicly advertised are considered pools within the Waves Platform context. There are currently six Waves mining pools available:

Fountain Perpetua








Being a pool/full node operator, you can choose a payment schedule for the leasers. Fountain Perpetua, for example, is not taking fees at all and 50% of founders personal profits forever refill the faucet named Perpetua. Waves Node rewards leasers with 85% of all Waves, Miners Reward Tokens (MRT) and other assets generated by the node while the WavesGo pool shares 100% of all Waves and other assets but keeps 50% of the MRT.

Leasers can select the pool with the payment type that they are most interested in and lease their balance to it.

However, in order to keep mining decentralized before new solutions are implemented, there should be as many mining pools as possible. There should also be as much variety in terms of payment schedules as possible, in order to provide leasers with multiple choices.

As so, the Waves Platform team has put together a bounty program to ensure that pools can be easily created and managed by anyone that wants to do so.

The bounty is as follows: Create an open source script for distribution of assets and Waves to pool participants. The pool operator should be able to select the percentage of all fees and MRT paid to leasers through the script which will then distribute the assets, MRT, and Waves accordingly (as a chron job).

In order to qualify for the bounty, the script should be a a turn-key solution, set and forget, well tested and ready to be used on the Waves mainnet.

The Waves team has set aside a 3,000 Waves bounty which is currently worth roughly $2000 in total.