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WAVES Launches WAVES Labs

As of recent weeks, the news out of the Waves camp has been ramping up significantly. All this is loosely based on the activation of Waves-NG which will allow the network to undergo 100 transactions per second. This activation, which will occur on December 22nd, allows the Waves team to finally spread its wings for now as the network can meet potential demands from clients. Before Waves-NG, the network was clogged regularly so advertising the platform heavily was counterproductive; now Waves-NG and the new Waves Client 1.0 allows the Waves team to put their best foot forward before engaging with potential clients. This is where Waves Labs comes in.

Waves Labs is a blockchain incubator which aims to assist new startups to put their project on the Waves Platform. Waves Labs aims to provide important services that a new startup needs to get off the ground running. The most appealing of which is “seed funding” where capital of up to $300,000 is advanced to thinking and competent projects of the Waves Labs choosing. Another very important element in advisory and legal support. No doubt, with Deloitte’s current involvement in discussions with the Russian, Kazakhstan and Belarus governments, the Waves team will have a firm grasp of the most current cryptocurrency regulations. As Sasha stated in an interview with CoinTelegraph, the most likely scenario is that most governments will adopt the same regulations over time. Furthermore, with the recent green light given for Tokenomica, a 100% regulatory body for token crowd sales, Waves will be a market leader in regulatory standards. Lastly, the lab will also provide PR & Marketing to help ICO’s create strategies for marketing their product.

The Waves Lab will mark a new phase in the crypto sphere, namely a real active effort to get real-world businesses on the blockchain. While most crypto projects spend most of its capital on actively tweaking blockchain technology, Waves is looking into the real world economy to add non-cryptocurrency projects into the crypto sphere. This development is huge, for the possibilities are endless. What important to note is that the Waves Lab effect will not only add projects from the incubator, but other projects will jump onboard due to the network effect. As more and more legitimate projects join the Waves network, other projects will take note and will realize the Waves blockchain is a serious option. In fact, with other successful blockchains like Ethereum having bloated blockchains, this may have projects migrating to other blockchains that have prepared for high volume in advance like the Waves Platform.

If you believe you have a good idea and you wish to put forth your idea, head to http://waveslabs.com/ and send in your application.