WAVES Platform - Development, Forum and Client Update

WAVES Platform | Development, Forum and Client Update

Waves launch at exchanges and network security

Waves launch at exchanges and network security

Waves – Weekly Round-up

It’s been a big week for Waves and for crypto in general. We launched on Bittrex and are actively pursuing listings on several other exchanges. Poloniex has the code for integration and we will continue to assist them if required.

It was also a week in which we saw The DAO exploited to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in ETH, and Ethereum itself seriously impacted as collateral damage. These events underline the necessity for a responsible approach to development, balancing speed against security in the light of unfolding information. Our no. 1 priority is and must always be for the safety of investors’ funds. This is also why we have made no announcements about partnerships or initiatives that are not yet certain.

Development Timeline

Development of the Waves platform is currently on schedule. We plan to enable the first fiat assets and gateways in July, with the decentralised asset exchange launching in August. After a very successful meeting with BioViva Sciences in Moscow, we also hope to see the company holding its crowdfund on the Waves platform at the end of the summer.

Forum and Client Update

Our forum WavesTalk.org is launching today. The new version of the lite client, v0.4.0, is also available from WavesPlatform.com. We encourage everyone to download this, if they are not using the Chrome app with auto-updates enabled. Changes include:

  1. – The ‘1W’ prefix characterising WAVES addresses is now optional.
  2. – Unconfirmed/pending transactions now displayed instantly and with custom status.
  3. – Advanced error and warning messages.

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