Waves Unscripted | Q&A Session With CMO Alexandra Pestretsova Reveals Exciting News

The Waves Platform has rapidly become one of the most popular ways to launch a tokenized project or asset on the blockchain.  Its popularity comes, in part due to the clever concept of a templated token/cryptocurrency creation toolbox that is both useful and intuitive, requiring no technical knowledge to get the party started. However, Waves can also credit part of its popularity to the work being done partnerships formed along with the advanced marketing strategies being employed by the team.

When Waves announced a question-and-answer session with their CMO, Alexandra Pestretsova, or Alex, their company email inbox became flooded with inquiries, which revealed a high demand for this type of community interaction where project supporters and token holders can feel involved and updated on all key aspects of the platform.

With over 200 questions having been sorted through from the rush of emails, the questions-and-answers session started long before its scheduled time and the session took longer than the Waves team had predicted.  The live session took place in the Waves Community Telegram Chat.

Accommodating all of the community questions would never be possible in a single session, so Pestretsova hinted that they would be regularly updating the Waves community in similar unscripted sessions.  She also kept the intrigue of the audience with vague but very enticing clues. She stated:

“So, our next Big Things are Waves NG protocol and Waves Client 1.0 We have been silent about both NG and Client Updates for last weeks, but from now we are going to start revealing lots of teasers and updates on it every week.”

When asked about whether or not the Waves Platform would utilize smart contracts, the Waves CMO had this to say:

“We are starting the development of smart contracts functional in November, this year. It`ll be definitely a huge step for the platform and will bring a lot of new functionality for the platform users. Smart contracts will be released in 2018, we’ll make a big additional announcement once the release date is in place.” 

This was not the only clue of great things to come in the near future. Alex got everyone salivating when she hinted at a magnificent revelation to come when Waves finally lets the public see the transformation of the DEX interface.

“Our product team is currently transforming DEX into something really amazing. Seriously, my first feedback on new DEX interface was just ‘WOW’. I’m not able to reveal all the new DEX functional/visuals to you today, but very soon we’ll start presenting it to you piece by piece: small teasers, interviews, FAQs, videos and more. Just sign up for our social networks and keep updated. The Big Marketing Campaign will start right in time with DEX update in October, together with the whole Client 1.0 update, as DEX is part of a Client.”

A member of the chat inquired about the relationship between Deloitte and Waves. Deloitte is a multinational collective made of professionals who focus on tax law, auditing and other regulatory compliance issues. The Waves Platform CMO replied:

“The cryptocurrency market is relatively young, and not all the regulatory mechanisms are in place. This is why we are glad to have a Deloitte as our strategic partner to create the legal framework for blockchain projects. Deloitte’s experts, who possess extensive legal and tax expertise in implementing technology projects, will provide the necessary consulting and methodology assistance to businesses – ourselves and our partners.”

When queried about a possible lack of communication between the Waves team and project supporters,  the Waves CMO had a gracious and commendable response.

“I deeply understand your frustration. The thing is that the Waves marketing team is still a young business unit in the company and right from the time I joined Waves team in July we have been putting together all the plans and strategies and actively hiring people and establishing processes. Now, when all the plans are almost in place, we’re starting to rock hard and make you aware of everything important that`s going on in Waves. So please sign up for our email updates and social networks and keep updated“

On the sensitive topic of China and the rumors of ICO bans and exchange crackdowns, the CMO chose her words wisely.

“We are closely watching regulatory developments taking place in China right now and while it is too soon to conclude what they would lead to, it is also early to say how these happenings would affect our China prospects. Once there’s clarity on the issue we’ll be happy to come back to this discussion.”

The Waves CMO hinted at the potential for Waves to be added to more exchanges in the future, and she promised big news regarding a project called Tokenomica. She also explained the fact that Waves does not promise the validity or trustworthiness of any tokens created on its Platform.

In a much-needed pep talk, Alex told the public that we all play a part in verifying the reputations of offerings that start on the Waves Platform. Each individual user must exercise due diligence in researching the product or offering of any company they are presented with, and Waves is not endorsing a product just because it is utilizing Waves Platform.

“At Waves, we do not provide due diligence to any tokens. We have a verification system that should separate ‘green labels’ from scam tokens. And we actually very much want the community to help us with it. Soon we`ll share our ideas how to make it work together with you guys.”

The Waves Platform CMO Alexandra Pestretsova summarized her view of the company with agreeable closing words.

“Waves is both – a technology (which can be used literally by anyone for anyone`s needs, including business, investors, governments etc) and products, like Wallet and DEX, that again could be used both by ordinary people, traders, investors, organizations, governments and even aliens.”

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