WAVES Weekly No. 10

Development Update

Early this week saw the release of next full node code version on testnet. Since then, the Waves community has been busy trying to find flaws in the network to ensure it is robust and secure for public launch.

The hackathon is going well, with a number of dedicated and prolific community members stress-testing the network. Already several bugs have been found, including critical ones. Bugs are being fixed as quickly as possible, with new versions of the code released in prompt order. If you are helping with the hackathon, please make sure your client is up-to-date.

You can find out how to install a Waves testnet node here, and join our Slack channel #testnet-maintainers or forum for help and suggestions.

Hackathon Bounties

There are different levels of bounty available, depending on the severity of the bug discovered. All bugs must be replicable. You can post your bug at https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/issues.

Critical bugs (testnet goes down; a given node goes down; double-spend occurs):

5,000 waves or BTC equivalent minimum. In severe cases, this can be increased up to 10-15,000 Waves or BTC equivalent. Simply DDoSing the network with a large number of transactions does not count as an attack.

Serious bugs (issues which do not bring down the network but seriously impede network functionality, for example, block propagation, increased resource consumption on local nodes, etc):

1,000 Waves or BTC equivalent.

Minor bugs (config changes causing unexpected behaviour, unexpected node behaviour with certain hardware configurations, etc):

Up to 1,000 Waves or BTC equivalent.

Thank you to the Waves community for all your hard work!

Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup

After the success of our pilot episode, we have a new Waves Weekly film for the community. This one includes a market round-up, tech update and a feature from Rob Wilson about the Incent project. Please let us know any feedback and we will continue to refine the concept as part of our wider engagement with Waves supporters and the broader crypto community.

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