WAVES Weekly No. 11

Development Update

The hackathon continues, and thanks to extensive testing by the community, a number of issues have been fixed. All discovered issues are being addressed on a daily basis, and we are working to improve full nodes code further before release. Notably, PeerDatabase was updated with an internal peers buffer and new peer management logic, leading to more stable network.

In parallel to this process, asset implementation is being tested in a private environment. Depending on how this goes and how soon full node code is deemed stable and secure, they may be launched together; if asset development takes longer, then full nodes will be released first. At present the decision is fluid.

Lite Client and Mobile Wallet

Also in parallel to this process, the Waves Lite Client is receiving a makeover. The codebase is being migrated from jQuery to AngularJS. This allows for cleaner and better-structured code that is simpler and easier to read. This is important because the code is being shared with the mobile development team, who are also using AngularJS. In the future, this migration will allow developers to build a desktop version of the Lite Client with much less effort than development from scratch. The mobile version of Lite Client will be released for Android devices first.

Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup

We have another episode of our weekly film, giving a run-down of the bitcoin and global markets as well as updates on Waves development and a overview of what’s going on in the alts.

Around the Waves-verse

In the broader Waves ecosystem, the pieces continue to come together with a number of initiatives showing interest in Waves or actively seeking to use it for their own applications. Blockchain loyalty programme Incent’s crowdfund launched today (1 October). At least one other major project will be looking to crowdfund on Waves later this or early in 2017, once fiat gateways open more investment channels.

Press and Articles

Due.com: Five forms of blockchain-enabled money that are already live

Medium: Blockchain’s pre-emptive response to the next financial crisis