WAVES Weekly No. 12

Development Update

This week the hackathon continues, with the first assets released on testnet! Testing of assets will continue in parallel to full node development. Some enterprising members of the Waves community have even been running a test ICO.

Overall, our testnet community has been enormously helpful, for which we would like to thank them. Their comments on the github repository have been invaluable to us and have helped improve the stability of the Waves network over the past weeks. With the release of assets on testnet, please do consider joining them – there are bounties to be earned for replicable bugs. You will need to install the latest release on Linux or Windows. Find out more on our forum and in our Slack channel, #testnet-maintainers.

New Peer-to-Peer Protocol

Alongside full nodes and asset testing we are exploring ways of further improving the network, including a new p2p protocol for building a node overlay network. This protocol will make the node network more resilient and increase the speed of block propagation within it. We’ll be offering more development updates from the Moscow team in our weekly film and updates.

On the current development timeline (that is, unless we receive any new surprises), we now hope to have full nodes launched in around two weeks.

Waves Weekly Crypto Round-up

Sadly, this will be one of the last episodes that Lola will present since she has to return to London shortly. Enjoy it while you can and look out for our new presenter soon! You can find a new episode below.

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