WAVES Weekly No. 16

Development Update

The final version of testnet has been released and is being put through its paces. Here is one encouraging comment from Geth77 in the #testnet-maintainers Slack channel: ‘Both of my 0.3.2 nodes are up and running stable fully synced, CPU load is like a dream! While it was averaging 15% with v0.3.1,  with the new version it is averaging 2% now on both nodes. Huge applause to the devs!’

The latest version brings substantial improvements in stability, security and CPU and memory usage. As soon as we are satisfied it functions as intended and is safe for public use, we will release it on mainnet. There will still be plenty of continuous testing to do, and new functionality to be integrated and honed, so please consider joining the testing team if you have the time and skills. There are bounties available and you may even be hired on a longer-term basis!


Waves will feature at a series of conference events in the coming week. Firstly there are two presentations that will be given by Sasha at the Blockchain School on 8 November, including the Crowdfunding on the Blockchain seminar, to be delivered at Digital October, where Waves has its new offices.

On 10 November Sasha will present Waves at the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia, at a seminar titled Blockchain tokens in business and finance, and on 15 November he will be giving a presentation at the Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics in Moscow. All of this helps to promote Waves’ public profile and give us valuable connections in the fintech world.

Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup

We have a new edition of our weekly film, presented by Grace Watson. In this episode, Kir once again takes a look at the bitcoin markets after this week’s stellar rise in price. We look at how the success of the Trump campaign has impacted the markets, and hear from the Synereo team.

Withdraw your Waves from Bittrex!

There are around 20 million WAVES held on Bittrex, worth around $6.5 million at current prices. Whilst we have no reason to doubt Bittrex’s security, there have been a number of reports of attacks on accounts as hackers have attempted to gain access to registered email accounts and reset passwords. (Read this notice from Bittrex.) We strongly advise that you only keep coins on an exchange that you wish to trade actively. The latest version of the Waves client can always be found at www.WavesPlatform.com. You can find out more here.

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Withdraw your WAVES from Bittrex

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