WAVES Weekly No. 17

Development Update

We are fully prepared technically for full nodes launch in the coming days, and are discussing the release with our partners, so that they are also ready. The last few days have been a busy time, with different conferences and a hackathon. Although we are aware that our community is keen to see full nodes launched, we took the decision to delay it from the weekend in order to give the process our full attention – since this is something that should only be done once! Like you, we look forward to using a fully decentralised, stable and secure network in the coming days. Updates will be posted on Slack to begin with.

Conferences and Events

Digital October, where Waves has its new offices, is providing plenty of opportunities and there have been several major events for Waves this week. 8 November was the Blockchain School, at which Sasha delivered the Crowdfunding on the Blockchain seminar. Two days later was the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia, where he gave the seminar Blockchain tokens in business and finance. You can see Sasha in discussion in this (Russian language) video, taken whilst recording material for a radio interview, in which he talks about the use cases for blockchain at the current time.

The other event is hackathon http://hack4people.ru/ that took place at Digital October over the weekend, November 11-13. Waves team presented decentralized 2FA prototype during the hackathon, the source code is available already on GitHub.


You may have noticed a series of articles and posts about CATs. These are Custom Application Tokens, Waves’ name for appcoins. Based on observation and experience, we believe that these simple tokens are a major use case for blockchain, and very likely the first frontier for mainstream crypto adoption. Waves will be working hard to make it easy for anyone to create, transfer and trade their own CATs, which have applications from fiat gateways and loyalty to crowdfunding, music downloads and digital sales.

Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup

We have another edition of our WWCR film, with Grace Watson. Guests this week include Steven Grove (@sigwo), founder of the Darcrus project, and Sergey Sergienko from the ChronoBank initiative – both of which will be launching tokens on the Waves network.

Press and Articles

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