WAVES Weekly No. 18

Waves Releases Full Nodes and Assets

This week we celebrate the launch of full nodes and asset creation! We realise this has taken longer than originally planned, and thank the community for their patience. Final bugs were fixed last week but with the large number of conferences and other events taking place in Moscow, we felt it was better to launch this week when we could give it our full attention.

The launch took place in stages, with full node code first being provided to Bittrex, as well as running on our developer nodes. We carefully monitored the network and, once we were satisfied that all was running smoothly, we made the code available to the community. Anyone can now download and run a Waves node.

Full Nodes Resources

You can run a node on a Windows, Linux (Ubuntu/Debian) or Mac machine. The latest releases (currently v0.3.4) can be found at https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/releases/.

There is no minimum number of WAVES required to run a full node. However, if you want to generate blocks then you will need a minimum balance of 10,000 WAVES. There are plenty of resources for those who want to run a node (read the installation guide here), but it is expected that mostly it will be more experienced users who will do. In due course we will release balance leasing, which will allow anyone to lease their WAVES to an active node and receive rewards from block generation.

You can always download the latest versions of the Lite client from https://wavesplatform.com. Please be aware that there have been issues with a fake github repository claiming to offer v0.4.4 of the Lite client. The latest version is v0.4.3a.

Next Steps

With a fully decentralised network and the ability to create custom tokens, Waves’ core functionality is in place. In the short term, the next step is to make this functionality more widely available through the Lite client. This is currently in development. At present, businesses are still able to create their own assets via the API, but most users will not want to do it this way and it will be far easier to send and view asset balances when the Lite client supports this.

Custom tokens are also fundamental to one of Waves’ flagship propositions, fiat gateways. Gateways require little in technical terms beyond the ability to create and transfer assets, with much of the work concerning compliance and administration. We expect the first gateways to start this work soon and will keep the community updated about progress.

Further milestones involve the DEX (decentralised exchange), which will allow trustless asset-to-asset trading. This will also make it possible to pay transaction fees in the same token that is being transferred – for example, USD can be used to pay the tx fee when sending USD. We will also incorporate encrypted messaging, which will likely be an off-blockchain solution for greater security and to reduce bloat. Balance leasing will also allow us to move to a leased proof-of-stake (LPoS) model.

Further down the line, functionality such as voting, a decentralised reputation system for assets and even a form of smart contracts will be added.

Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup

The latest episode of the Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup with Grace Watson has been released. This week, we have a new organisation giving us an overview of the bitcoin markets. We also have a new section on crypto startups.

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