WAVES Weekly No. 19

Network Overview

It’s been a quieter week after the recent slew of conferences and events, then last week’s launch of full nodes, but there’s still plenty going on. Our developers and team of community testers have been monitoring the network to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and the first assets have been created using the API. You can gain an overview of what’s going on with the network by taking a look at http://wavesexplorer.com/, which shows recent blocks and peers. You can also download the Lite client from https://wavesplatform.com. Please do not download it from any other source, because there have been issues with a fake github repository.

More experienced users may want to run a full node. The latest releases can be found at https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/releases/tag/v0.3.4. Any user can run a node, but you will need at least 10,000 WAVES to generate blocks. You can read the installation guide here.

Updated Lite Client on Testnet

The new token functionality is currently being integrated in the Lite client. You can find the latest version at https://github.com/wavesplatform/WavesGUI/releases/tag/v0.4.4 – please do download this and assist with testing if you are able to. You can also find the testnet lite client at http://testnet.waveswallet.io/.

Roadmap Update

After the last mainnet update, the new Lite client is to be released with asset functionality on mainnet. The next stage will be leasing transactions and Waves’ DEX (decentralised exchange).

LPoS (leased proof-of-stake) is designed to allow increased throughput and greater security. Vanilla PoS has some theoretical security issues. PoS – as implemented in Nxt, for example – has never actually been compromised, but some critics claim that this is simply because there was never a great enough incentive to do so. For Waves we want to have a system that is secure from a theoretical point of view. In due course a tech paper will be published for peer review. For greater scalability we will be using our improved authenticated data structures, leading to a more compact blockchain.

Two-factor authentication will offer users greater security still, and we also expect to see the first fiat gateways early in 2017. Alongside this Waves will be releasing a dividend plugin to enable issuers to distribute crowdfunding tokens, and a mobile wallet for use on the go, with asset functionality built in. The mobile wallet is currently in testing mode, so this will not take long.

In the next few months, we will therefore have a comprehensive production-ready system that will be very attractive to the many businesses that routinely approach us for help with crowdfunding and other proposals.

Business Development

The release of full nodes and custom token creation means that businesses can start issuing and using their own CATs. Incent, a new kind of loyalty platform, is one such initiative and one of the first enterprise cases for the Waves blockchain. Incent has been running its own crowdfund, which is due to end on 30 November, and has so far collected more than $1 million in BTC and WAVES.

With the imminent release of updated Lite client, we are now in a position to support business development and are talking to numerous organisations behind the scenes. It is Waves’ belief that mass crypto adoption will come initially through very straightforward functionality, by making custom tokens accessible to ordinary businesses.

We have also been talking to more exchanges about adding Waves. This tends to be a relatively slow process, since decisions are carefully considered and reputable exchanges will always conduct a code audit before making new coins available – especially when they are built on a completely new codebase, like Waves. The community will appreciate that we cannot talk about specific partnerships with businesses or exchanges until these have been agreed. Anyone who has a business project and would like to work with Waves is invited to join our Slack to discuss it further and for technical assistance. Please email rideon@wavesplatform.com for an invitation.

Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup

Episode #10 of WWCR has been released. If you would like your project to feature on WWCR, please get in touch via Slack. The weekly film is one of the main ways we keep the community regularly updated about events and developments.

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