WAVES Weekly No. 20

Development Update

In the following days, we will be releasing the updated Lite client, which will make token facilities available to every user on mainnet. This is the foundation of fiat gateways and further business development, a great milestone to reach. You can always download the latest version from https://wavesplatform.com. Please do not download the client from other sources for security reasons. The other option is to download the standalone Chrome app, which will automatically update as new versions are released. Many users will find this more convenient and straightforward.

In parallel to the development of Lite client, we released updated version of testnet, with new storage structure and API improvements.

If you would like to run a full node on mainnet, you can find the latest release at https://github.com/wavesplatform/Waves/releases/tag/v0.3.4. Any user can run a node, but you will need at least 10,000 WAVES to generate blocks. You can read the installation guide here.

New Developers

It is with great pleasure that we introduce three new team members that have recently joined the team:

Ilya Smagin(@ismagin) – Experienced in building, extending, and re-engineering one of large bank systems, developing gateway connectors to multiple liquidity providers and backend post-trade matching/processing. A developer with 7 years of experience, strong computer science and algorithms background.

Sergey Tolmachev(@tolsi) – Participated for more than 4 years in the development of backend applications for the Web, Big Data and FinTech projects using Scala. Prior to that, he used a number of languages, methods and approaches to software development.

Alexey Koloskov(@koloale) – A software developer with more than 12 years experience in different Internet, Telecom and Banking areas. He has broad experience in developing and leading full-fledged mobile and web applications from the ground up. In his everyday work, he always tries to use cutting-edge technologies and is willing to learn new programming languages and tools.

Russian Fintech Meetup No. 2

This week Waves attended the second fintech meetup held at the Digital October Center in Moscow, where Waves has its offices. The theme was trading in the era of bots and cryptocurrencies. Sasha delivered a talk entitled ‘Cryptocurrency: new perspectives for trading’, and there were further presentations and discussions in the areas of big data, blockchain and machine learning.

Waves also held the second round of its {pro}fintech incubator at the HSE. The programme aims to help attendees develop blockchain products for financial applications, particularly for banks and their customers. These include personal finance management systems, p2p-services, investment systems and other fintech products.

Business Development

Now that CAT functions are available, we are seeing increased interest from initiatives looking to use Waves as an ICO platform. This week Incent completed its crowdfund, having raised 1,093 BTC and 1.18 million WAVES. Darcrus, who recently featured on Waves Weekly Crypto Roundup film, have also started their ICO. Several further companies are now seeking to do the same and it is clear that many more will in the coming weeks and months.

Please remember that anyone is able to launch an ICO on Waves due to the open nature of the platform. In all cases investors are responsible for conducting their own due diligence to determine the legitimacy and chances of success for each project. However, anyone who has a business project and would like to work with Waves is invited to join our Slack to discuss it further, and for technical assistance. Please email rideon@wavesplatform.com for an invitation.

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