WAVES Weekly No. 9

Development Update

The coming week should see the release of full node code on testnet! After almost entirely rebuilding Scorex, we’ve addressed the outstanding issues with the network layer and fixed all outstanding bugs. We’ve now committed what should be the last few necessary (and critical) changes to the current testnet codebase. We plan to make a release by Monday, putting the results of the last three-plus months out to the community so that it can undergo a comprehensive stress test.

Assuming all goes well, that code will then be released publicly for mainnet, so that anyone will be able to run a node. The completion of this step will see the full decentralisation of the Waves network. There will be a bounty programme for anyone able to break testnet or identify significant bugs. Please join our Slack channel #testnet-maintainers to join in.

Assets and Future Developments

We initially considered releasing assets at the same time as mainnet, but have decided in the event to concentrate on mainnet whilst we carry out the final steps on the asset creation protocol. At present, our full focus is on decentralising the Waves network successfully; everything else will be built on this and additional functionality can be deployed quickly once this is achieved. Similarly, LPoS will follow at some point in the future – at present we will run with a vanilla PoS system and build on this as we go.

Before LPoS will come the first gateways, so that people can easily move fiat money into and out of the blockchain. We will then add centralised order matching, with blockchain settlement, to allow rapid but trustless trading on the blockchain. This will constitute the first production version of Waves. Additional features such as smart contracts will come at a later date.

‘Waves Weekly’ Video

Waves will be producing regular videos giving an overview of developments within the crypto space, as well as brief updates about Waves itself. This is an initiative we wanted to start as part of our overall marketing strategy. Since the Daily Decrypt stopped, there has been a gap in the market for such a short, accessible – and, hopefully, humorous – summary of developments in the crypto world. Waves is in a good position to address this, since we have the resources as well as the expertise. You can watch our pilot episode on YouTube:

Over the coming weeks we will refine the concept and hopefully this will become a regular event. It’s our plan to become not only a production-ready blockchain platform but a community of influencers and a hub for the broader crypto world.

For more complete information, you can find Sasha’s most recent AMA and a transcript here.

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