WavesGO Asset | Stimulating the Waves Platform Economy

WavesGo is the official Waves Platform block explorer. It displays information about blocks, transactions, accounts, assets and it also has statistics on the Waves network. WavesGo also provides an easy to use LPOS pool that comes complete with a leasing tool for users. Although this doesn’t seem all that exciting at first, WavesGo is leveraging the Waves blockchain itself to become a community-driven project that generates revenue for the members of the Waves community.

WavesGo is doing this through the issuance of the WavesGO token (WGO), a custom asset on the Waves blockchain that provides holders with multiple advantages. The asset has a maximum supply of 10 million tokens and the distribution process has already begun. You may be surprised to find some WGO tokens in your Waves wallet if you’re a Waves or Waves Community Token (WCT) holder.

So what exactly are these tokens and what do they do?

The WavesGO token holds benefits for its holders. Through the profit sharing, token holders will receive a share of earning from the ad space renting, selling WavesGo tools, white label solutions for faucets or LPOS pools, API, BI system premium access and any other future service that requires WGO. Token holders will also receive a share in Miners Reward Token (MRT) from the earnings generated by the LPOS pool.

These services are not just limited to the Waves blockchain. WavesGo will provide services to other emerging blockchains and tokens.

As so, WavesGo is creating value for the community through the usage of the WGO and the profit sharing. However, the project will not only generate revenue for holders but will also include them in the decision making process, making WavesGo a truly community-managed project that will evolve according to the needs of the Waves community. Although the exact mechanism of voting is still to be determined, holders will be allowed to vote on features they want to see implemented.

The WavesGO token can be traded on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and Tidex. However, it may also be available on other centralized exchanges like Bittrex and Cryptopia in the future.

It’s the internal currency used by WavesGo. Any time WavesGo provides a paid service or product (see below for examples), payment will only be accepted in WGO. This in turn generates demand for WGO.

To learn more about the WavesGO token, visit the official website or read the whitepaper.